A Shemology of the Generations of Cain
(Genesis 4)
By G A Simpkins

Generations of Cain

Cain possession - get acquire - possessed
Enoch dedicated - disciplined
Irad wild ass - dragon - heap of empire
Mehujael who proclaims God
Methusael who is God - who demands his death
Lamech poor - made low
Adah an assembly
Zillah that tickles the ear - shadows
Jabal which slips away
Jubal a trumpet - he that runs
Tubal-cain worldly possession
Naamah beautiful - agreeable

Gerry's Interpretation:

"Possessed of pride and dedicated to himself, the dragon brays as a wild ass to gain a heap of empire. He who is poor and will be made low along with an assembly desiring the tingling of the ear. His kingdom which slips away, a trumpet ends his worldly possession. Which is agreeable." -- G A Simpkins

For sure this is a picture of the devil,
his fallen angels and mankind which is also fallen.

Yeshua is the only answer for fallen mankind.
He came to restore what Adam gave up in the Garden.

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