Before the Foundation of The World

by Asher Intrater

Yeshua was slain before the Foundation of the World

The following is a list of references in the New Covenant Scriptures that speak of God having a PLAN that was designed "Before the Foundation of the World." This list comes from a wonderful new book by my brother in Yeshua, Asher Intrater and it is entitled: Who Ate Lunch With Abraham.

This book is a
MUST READ for both Messianic Jews and Christians alike. I for one will also be giving this book to non-believers who do not believe in God. It may be that they will better understand the Messenger (Angel) of Yahweh in the Hebrew Bible (O.T.). God "did have form" in the Hebrew Scriptures as the "Angel Yahweh," and the word to all deniers is if you'd read this book you will SEE that Asher Intrater shows you that plainly this truth. As I read this book I felt I was watching a "master jeweler" string together a beautiful pearl necklace, just stunning when it was finished. It was a good read. Very enjoyable and this is one of Asher Intrater the Twelve Appendixes in the book, all just gems.

Appendix 9

Matthew 20:23 --- Our places to sit in kingdom
Matthew 24:36 --- Date of Second Coming
Matthew 25:34 --- Paradise for the righteous
Matthew 25:41 --- Punishment in fire for the wicked
John 1:2 --- Yeshua as Word with God from creation
John 1:15 --- Yeshua came from "before" His birth
John 8:58 --- Yeshua existed before Abraham
John 17:5 --- Yeshua and the Father sharing glory
John 17:24 --- Yeshua and the Father sharing love
Acts 1:7 --- Date of Second Coming
Acts 2:23 --- Yeshua's death and resurrection
Acts 3:20 --- Yeshua ordained for us beforehand
Acts 4:28 --- God's purpose determined beforehand
Acts 17:26 --- Predetermined boundaries of nations
Acts 17:30 --- Predetermined the date of judgment day
Romans 1:2 --- Gospel message promised
Romans 8:29 --- Foreknew and destined to be like Yeshua
Romans 9:23 --- Vessels of grace prepared beforehand
Romans 11:2 --- Foreknew the people of Israel
Romans 16:25 --- Secret revelations hidden
I Corinthians 2:7 --- Mystery of our being glorified
Ephesians 1:4 --- Chosen in Him to be blameless
Ephesians 1:5 --- Predestined us to adoption as sons
Ephesians 1:9 --- Purpose and plan to gather all in Yeshua
Ephesians 1:11 --- Predestined inheritance for the elect
Ephesians 2:10 --- Good works for us to do
Colossians 1:26 --- Mystery hidden from ages
2 Timothy 1:9 --- Plan of salvation by grace in Yeshua
Titus 1:2 --- Promise of eternal life
Hebrews 4:3 --- God's works finished and divine rest
Hebrews 12:1 --- Our race set before us
Hebrews 12:2 --- Yeshua's joy after enduring cross
I Peter 1:2 --- Chosen elect foreknown for sanctification
I Peter 1:20 --- Blood of Yeshua
2 Peter 2:3 --- Judgment of false prophets and teachers
Jude 4 --- Judgment of false believers
Revelation 9:15 --- Four angels of 1/3 third world destruction
Revelation 3:8 --- Names written in book of life (and Yeshua's sacrifice)
Revelation 17:8 --- Names not written in hook of life

[Because God had a predestined plan for the human race before the foundation of the earth, we can know that what happens around us is not by chance but by design. God gave us free will and set before us a series of spiritual and moral tests (Deut. 30:15, 19). He designed the outcome of those tests according to our responses. (He tested the test).

What God created at the beginning of Genesis had in mind what happens at the end of Revelation! The end was planned from the beginning. This can be compared to a building contractor who would not start the construction until the entire plan was already designed by the architect. God's purpose for creation was already planned before He started the creation itself. The end product is determined by the original design.

There is a rabbinic saying (referring to the Sabbath) that goes, "What is last in deed is first in thought." Another rabbinic saying (about free will and predestination) goes, "All is foreseen, but free choice is given."

God has a design from the beginning of time. What happens at the beginning of the Bible is a foundation for what will happen at the end of the Bible.

God wins, and we win too!]

Mayim's Endnote