Gold, Silver & Diamond Calculator

Know what your gold, silver & diamonds are worth before selling them. Far too many people are getting cheated from people who are getting rich at your expense. Of course they have to make something too, we understand that, but too many people are getting too little for the gold, sliver and diamonds they need to sell. This is web page is "our be Informed service" to you and your friends.

If you live in Phoenix, Arizona email me and I'll tell you of a great place to sell your gold and diamonds here. They don't buy silver just yet, only gold and diamonds right now, but they are the fairest people I've meet doing this business. I sold some old things I was not wearing, and hadn't wore in 20 years. They gave me more than anyone else even offered me in the Valley. Very fair indeed. I walked out with $2,700.00 for just old stuff I never wear. I was offered $2,100.00 at another place, and $1,800.00 at some corner store buying gold. One place told me two of the rings I had were not 14k, when in fact they were. So be careful if you are selling gold etc. to make some extra money right now.

One thing more, weight your gold jewelry before you take it in. You can buy a gram scale at Bed Bath & Beyond for $20.00 to $30.00, and its worth having anyway in your home for food, etc. Just make sure yours weight by "grams" as well as ounce's.