A Mayim Hayim Book Review

"After The Rapture"
by Jerry Dart

Sometime ago I was sent an email from a man in Greeley, Colorado asking me to read his new book. Now this is not an uncommon request, because we get at least two or three requests like this one every few months. However, the author, Jerry Dart said it took him 7 years to write his book on prophecy, and that "After The Rapture" had a Hebraic slant to it. Now that really peaked my interest and so I said "Yes, sure, send the book to me and I'll read it when I have time." I always pray before I do this for people because my time is limited, and if I said yes to everyone who asked me, all I would be doing is reading books for people, and that's not what MHM is about. However, this time I knew this book would be different from others books I've read on the subject, and felt I should read it right away. This is my review of "After The Rapture" by Jerry Dart.

After The Rapture by Jerry Dart
The book,
"After The Rapture" by Jerry Dart is one of the most comprehensive books I have read on the subject of Eschatology (end-time things). This book would have been better called: "A Comprehensive Study Of End Times Things" or "The Past, The Present, And The Future After The Rapture." This book is a whopping 768 pages of great reading for people who love God's Word. The length of the book was greatly expanded because it's full of Scripture, which I love in a book. This book was written to be used as an in-depth Bible Study. The book also has great charts in the back showing you clearly the author's theory of end-time things, in a simple picture form. Being a visual learner I loved the charts, which by the way are very well done by his wife Sarah. She also wrote chapter 10.

"After The Rapture" looks at end-time things from a Hebraic perspective, and one can learn a great deal from reading it. Much of the content of this book I have written about over the years, and you can find them in many of my articles on-line. However, here, in these 768 pages the author using Scripture to make his case, pulls many of my thoughts together. He writes about the past history of the Jewish people and the church, and truly just this part of the book is a wonderful book in itself. He shows what I call "Word Pictures" of what it will be like in the future "After The Rapture" takes place, which I think will surprise many people. This book is not to be read quickly, but it should be read prayerfully over a period of weeks. It's simple on one hand, yet profoundly deep on the other. Jerry Dart does not spiritualize at all. It's real meat for the hungry soul who loves prophecy. This book made me want to go out and win more souls for the Lord, and any book that can do that is a winner in my book!

Jerry Dart also uses the Jewish wedding customs, which we also use to show how Yeshua (Jesus) is our Hebrew Bridegroom. He points out what will take place
"After The Rapture" not just in Heaven, but also on the earth. What I loved about this book is that Jerry, who is not Jewish, has a very Hebraic perspective throughout the book, and he is not afraid to go against what has been traditionally taught about prophecy. He thinks out of the box, so to speak, and that moves my mind and my spirit.

What is this book all about?

It's a prophecy book that incorporates the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.
It deals with what Day is it?
It deals with Signs of the Times.
It deals with the Tribulation Period, The Seals, The War in the Heaven.
It deals with the subject of God being "Invisible" or just "Unseen."
It deals with whether there is a Trinity (Tri-Unity) or not.
It shows how many times Yeshua (Jesus), can be found in the Hebrew Scriptures (OT).
It deals with the subject of the "Angel of the LORD," and how it would have been better if the translators long ago would have used the English word "Messenger of the LORD."
It deals with the "Day of the LORD," and asks the question "Is the 1000 year reign of Messiah a reign 1000 years of peace?

And the book deals with so much more...

This book is loaded folks, and just $22.95 plus S&H in the USA, it's a great price for its size and content.

Do you realize that without eschatology (end-time things), the Church, the Body of Messiah would have no hope! The failure of the Church to correctly understand the doctrine of end-time things is to be confused in it's ultimate hope in the consummation of the Redemption wroth by Messiah Yeshua (Christ Jesus) on the Cross.

This book is provocative reading, and although I do not agree with every jot and tittle in it, I would say I agree with much of his theory on the end-times. I feel many of the things Jerry puts forth in his book could very well be the way it will all end one day soon.

"After The Rapture" is a great read for prophecy lovers, and I give it 5 ***** Stars.
If this book is read prayerfully and with an open mind, one will learn much about end-time prophecy from this book. What was, will be again! But this time, instead of prophecy being partially fulfilled by the Lord, they will be totally fulfilled by Him.

So get ready my friends, Yeshua is Coming Soon! Maranatha, Come Lord Yeshua Come!!!


Rev. Barbara Di Gilio
President and Founder of Mayim Hayim Ministries, Phoenix, AZ.

"After The Rapture" by Jerry Dart

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To order the book you can email Jerry Dart at "After The Rapture" and ask for your copy. With the holidays coming, it will make a great holiday gift to give to your friends and family members.