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Dear friends of Mayim Hayim Ministries,

Mayim Hayim Ministries is pleased to partner with
Keepers Greetings & Graphics to make this special offer to you. When you order these inspirational photographs of biblical sites and beautiful Holy Land scenery, Keepers will donate HALF THE PROFIT from each sale to Mayim Hayim Ministries! What a great way to obtain professional quality photographic art for yourself or as gifts AND support Mayim Hayim Ministries too!

Scripture Pictures: We are pleased to introduce to you the beautiful photoproducts from Keepers Greetings & Graphics! Each Holy Land photo is custom matted with a favorite Scripture verse that is appropriate to the biblical site and framed in a handsome gold-colored frame, ready to stand or hang. The photo helps to illuminate the Scripture, and the verse gives meaning to the photo.

Biblical History: The oasis where David hid from King Saul, a first-century street where Jesus walked the Sea of Galilee, the awesome East Gate of Jerusalem. These are just a few of the exciting scenes from which you may choose.

See Them All On Line: There are 31 different photos currently available - featuring scenes from all over the country: Jerusalem, Galilee, and the Negev. You can view them all, as well as read the description cards, at the Keepers web site:

Keeper Greetings Graphics Shop

1003 Shema (Deut. 6:4) For larger view click here

1005 Prayer in the Cracks of the Western Wall (shown with James 3:17; also available with 3 other verses) For larger view click here

1011 Old City Close Up, Jerusalem, (Psalm 122:1-3) For larger view click here

1013 Ein Gedi Waterfall, (Psalm 32:7) For larger view click here

1014 Jerusalem viewed from Mount of Olives, (Psalm 122:6) For larger view click here

1020 Mount of Olives, (Zechariah 14:4) For larger view click here

1023 Sunset over the Mediterranean, Tel Aviv (Psalm 113:3) For larger view click here

1024 Counting Shekels (Matthew 7:7) For larger view click here

1025 The East Gate (Psalm 24:7) For larger view click here

1028 Yom Zicharon (Psalm 12:14) For larger view click here

1029 Ibex at Ein Gedi Oasis (Psalm 42:1) For larger view click here

1031 Rose, (shown with I Corinthians 13:4-8; two other verses also available)
For larger view click here

These are but a few of what Keepers has, for the full-line see there web store...
Keeper Greetings Graphics Shop

Descriptions Included: Each framed photo comes with a description card - just a brief paragraph or two - to describe the place pictured and relate the photo to the Bible passage. So, even if the recipient of the piece has never visited the Holy Land, they can fully enjoy it, both as art and as a message of inspiration. Again, you can read the descriptions at the Keepers web site.

Ordering: The price is $24 each (plus shipping). An order form is attached below; it was made just for Mayim Hayim Ministries. Print it out, and go to the Keepers web site to shop for the rest of your pictures needs.

Important: You need to use THIS ORDER FORM with "Support Mayim Hayim Ministries" printed at the top, so the folks at Keepers will know to send the donation portion to Mayim Hayim Ministries. Send your order and payment directly to Keepers, PO Box 331, Beaver PA 15009.

Mayim Hayim Ministries Order Form

We hope and pray you will enjoy the photographs for yourself and will give them as gifts anytime and at the holiday season.
We are very grateful for your support and your prayers. Thank you.


Rev. Barbara Di Gilio