Wells of Living Water flowing out to give life to all who wander in the desert of Negev. The threshold to the promised land the route of the Exodus, leading to a land beyond the sands, a land of milk and honey this.

On the Negev side of Canaan, Kadesh Barnea exists, a place that's consecrated where The Tabernacle sits. Just before you enter Canaan, Beersheba is the place, where seven wells of water dug by Abraham are cased. And the waters there are flowing, an oasis where you can rest, a refuge from the desert heat, the waters there are blessed. Abraham first dug these wells, Isaac dug fresh again, now once more these wells appear, God's provision He still sends.

Bright flowers everywhere abound, the climate's changing back, like it was in Bible days of old new trees once more attract. Rain to feed the dry dry ground, thirsty like a new born child. This barren land, this Holy Land comes back to life in style. The Lamp of Israel is clean and fresh, oil fills the wicks, while the dry dry bones of Ezekiel move, no longer a pile of sticks. Now does this all foreshadow Jesus Christ imminent return? For this proud land, this Holy Land seems once again to burn with the Fire of The Lord. His ways once more they seek and her stones, her living stones, His Glory they bespeak!

D. Sadler 1983 © All Rights Reserved

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