A Keepah, A Kippur, A Covering
The Tallet, a Cover of Prayer
The Covering of His Blood Sacrifice
Is the Cover I wear.

His Atonement, His Keepah
Covers my head
His Righteousness is my Garment
My Robe.
His Truth wrapped around like
The mighty Tefillin
Is His Name wrapped up in Gold.

His Perfect Kippur once more is found
On the top of The Scepter it rests
The fruit of the Pomegranate that is well placed
Has inside what truly will bless.
For it's full of seeds, Blood Covered Seeds
That speak of Believers in Him
The Fruit Of His Perfect Sacrifice
Covered without and within.

O Seek The Covering of Messiah
Seek Wisdom found only in Him
He will give you His Covering
That will never wear thin.

D. Sadler 1995 © All Rights Reserved

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