The Gates of the Temple are displaced
The Stones of the Temple lie on the ground
The Land that was given must be reclaimed
Before the Temple once more will be found.
First a Tabernacle housed in a tent
Then a mighty stone Temple built to The Lord
Thrown down upon the land, built up again, again restored.

Long since the remnant scattered about
Now they return God's Praises they shout !
As they lift up their voices one pledge they all share
to hold on to Jerusalem The Holy City is theirs.
Once again they can walk to the Wall
And with tears of thanksgivings recount and recall
All the years they were kept from the Beautiful Land
Now deep is their desire a New Temple must stand.

But The Temple taken out of the earth
Replaced by another and given new birth.
A Living Temple indwelling His Sheep
A Holy Temple that never sleeps.
O Watchman, Watchman tell us when
An earthly Temple will be built again
For when they begin with reverence and fear
The Spiritual Temple will disappear...

D. Sadler - 1980 © All Rights Reserved


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