Young David and the Lambs

Take a Lamb of the first year without blemish be it found
Killed in the evening not making a sound.
Place the blood on the door posts the blood of The Lamb
When the Angel of death passes over the land All the firstborn
in your household will be safe and secure
Take courage this night and with faith you'll endure.

And He walked through the First Gate,
through the Sheep Gate He was led.
Not a sound did He utter, not one word was said.
Sacrificed on a Cross without blemish without sin
And He gave His Life for all who believed in Him.

Cook the Passover Feast roast with fire till it's done
Partake of The Lamb each and everyone
and with Unleavened Bread eat it in haste,
with bitter Herb's bittersweet to the taste.
They asked John the Baptist are you Messiah Son of Man?
John looked to Yeshua and said, Behold The Lamb!

With great haste they departed in the middle of the night.
They took up and left before it was light.
Moses and Aaron and the Israelites, leaving off all the leaven
that would puff up the Bread walking forward
with life and away from the dead.
He washed us in His Blood that Passover Night.
The Lamb of God passed through death into life.
On the third day in the third watch before it was light.

The Passover Lamb through the Sheep Gate was led
Not a sound did He utter not one word was said.
Sacrificed on an Altar without blemish without sin
And He gives life to all who believe upon Him.
Behold The Lamb of God who takes away man's sin!

D. Sadler 1981 © All Rights Reserved

The Messianic Poetry Lady