The canvas brushed with amber tones
She sketches in a face.
Forever young yet some how old
Where love has found a place.
As she begins the hours pass
There's so much more to do
Before it's finished, before it's done
Its got to speak of You !

I need to give her strength and pride
Of her Jewish heritage.
I've got to capture the joy of life
That only God can give.

Her Painting still unfinished
The brush still in her hands
Stepping back for another look
Unaware her Paintings Grand !
She pauses deep in thought and muses
What more can I bring to bear
That would harmonize Messiah's love
That I want to share?

Then as if she heard God Speak
She instantly exclaims
I'll put His Fire in her eyes
Rebecca is her name...

D. Sadler 1996 © All Rights Reserved

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