Sheen Shalom

Hebrew Letter Shin, illumination by Ruth Councell.


Their's a dagesh in the Sheen
And this letter can be seen
When you look down on Yerushalayim.
For The Lord has placed His Name
On the mountains and the plains
And The Temple Mount, this Holy Place is HIS.

Mount Moriah and Mount Zion
And the lovely Mount of Olives
Show The Dwelling Place where
The King will live.
For the time is moving fast
To the time when judgments past
And the thousand years of peace
Messiah gives.

Now the Sheen is formed by valleys
That are dug and free of stones
Once again you can see its mighty form
That the Tyropoean and the Hinnom
And the valley of the Kidron
Cutting deep between these valleys
Are reborn.

For The Hand of The Messiah
Placed His Name on Mount Moriah
So no man can ever claim this place is his
And the argument that's brewing
Shows what unbelief is doing
And only goes to re-enforce MESSIAH LIVES !

Shalom Shalom...!

D. Sadler 1993 © All Rights Reserved

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