His Shed Blood, His Radiant Splendor


A shadow of thorns stealing the morning
A cursed crown come to cover the light.
Shaking the earth as it blots out The Day Star
Bringing The Son down into night.

But His accuser failed in his venture
For no spot or blemish in Him was found
Even though thorns made a cover, a head-dress
Hell could not keep or hold Him down.

Then in that instant in the womb of the morning
When the night shadow releases its hold
There in the Light of His Shining Glory
Resurrection brought forth, A Crown Of Gold.

The King of Kings in Radiant Splendor
The Lord of Lords who created all things.
Rose up to give hope to the dying
With the redemption that His Sacrifice brings.

Brambles and thickets still cover the landscape
As the earth shakes as if full of tears
Awaiting The Day when at last restoration
Releasing and cleansing as Living Water appears.

D. Sadler 1997 ©
All Rights Reserved

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