The Essence of the Feasts
Encoded Festival Pictures

One day as I was sitting under my hair dryer, the L-RD just starting speaking to me these words, "Essence of the Feasts!" - I got my pad and pen and started to write what He was speaking into my spirit. This is part of what I wrote, and I would like to share it with the world.

First, lets look at the meaning of what the word
"Essence" conveys: Basic nature, Essential quality, Core, Gist, Sum and Substance, Spirit, Foundation, Basis, or Heart. With these meanings in mind, let us look at what was revealed to me about the "Essence of the Feasts!"

The Essence of the Feasts of The L-RD
"A Living Lampstand!"

The Dates Of the Festival's

Leviticus 23 gives us the dates of the Feasts of The L-RD

1. Pesach - Passover- Nisan/Aviv 14
2. Ha HaMatzah - Unleaven Bread - Nisan /Aviv 15-21
3. Bikkurim - First Fruits - Wave the sheaf, morrow after the Sabbath
4. Shavuot - Pentecost - 50 days after the First Fruits
5. Yom Teruah - Trumpets - a memorial of Blowing - Tishrei 1
6. Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement - You shall do no work - Tishrei 10
7. Sukkot - Tabernacles - Tishrei 15-21
8. Hoshana Rabbah - Last Great Day of Sukkot - Tishrei 21
9. 8th Day - Shemini Atzeret - Tishrei 22
10. Rejoicing in the Law - Simchat Torah - Tishrei 22/23

Hoshana Rabbah was kept by Yeshua - John 7:37, however its not listed in Lev. 23 and Simchat Torah - Rejoicing in the Torah is also not listed in Lev. 23, yet this day was kept in the time of Messiah Yeshua. Some say Simchat Torah was celebrated on the 22nd, others say it was the 23rd. Tishrei 22, Shemini Atzeret and Tishrei 23rd Simchat Torah, in Ancient Times were considered one-long-day, and was celebrated on the 22nd of Tishrei, a "Tav" day. Tav being the last letter of the Hebrew Aleph Bet.

The Essence Temple Menorah
"Messiah is The Light Of The World"

The Sabbath Lampstand

"Essence Of The Feasts"

A Poem
Given by the Spirit of the L-RD

"The Passover Lamb, the Sinless was offered, and lifted; and raised as the First Fruits. Then 50 days after, He sent the Holy Spirit of Promise, with blowing, to turn all of mankind back unto Him. So He might dwell with them and that they might with great Rejoicing have blessed Rest, and have great Joy in His Word."

Rev. Barbara Di Gilio - 1997 - by the Holy Spirit Living in me.

Encoded in this Poem is what I have coined, "A Festival 'Shemology' Picture."

The true meaning of the above poem can be found in the person of Messiah Yeshua, The Perfect Lamb of G-d.

Looking at the Sabbath Menorah above, you can see all Festival's in the Lampstand.

Above the Sabbath Menorah, you'll see the Hebrew letters Aleph Tav - "et - ET" in Hebrew. This stands for "The First & The Last" - "The Beginning & The End" - "Alpha & Omega" in Greek. This is the Servant Lamp, the Neir El-ohim in Hebrew, which is The Messiah of Israel.

The Festival's - The Greater Picture

1. Pesach - Passover - Redemption - The Lamb, stain free was Yeshua Messiah who causes G-d to Passover us. G-d gives us "Life" through "The Lamb."

Thus, Messiah is the Passover!

2. Ha HaMatzah - Unleaven Bread - The Sinless Offered - Messiah Yeshua had no sin (no leaven) in Him. Yeshua was born in the house of Bread, Bethlehem.

Thus, we are set free by His New Covenant!

3. Bikkurim - First Fruits - Lifted, Raised, as The First Fruits of dead. Messiah was our wave offering. As the sinless First Fruits Messiah Yeshua was Raised to G-d, and is seated at the right hand of the Father.

Thus one day, we to will rise to newness of Life like Him!

4. Shavuot - Pentecost - Messiah's Promise of the Ruach HaKodesh, 50 days after First Fruits. This was a zikrown (a memorial) of the first giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai to Israel. However this time, the giving was of the Living Torah sent from Heaven to earth by Messiah. Who is this "One" who writes on the tables of our hearts His Commands? It is The Most Holy Spirit of G-d!

Thus Messiah's Promise of The Holy Spirit, did come to the earth 50 days after He rose from the death. On this Shavuot - Pentecost, G-d's Torah was written on the hearts of ALL who Believe in Him. The Holy Spirit of G-d, is still writing on hearts today. We are still in period of Shavuot - Pentecost. Two wave loaves of bread with leaven (a picture of sin) in them, we are told, are the firstfruits unto the L-RD, Lev 23:17.

5. Yom Teruah - Trumpets - With a rushing mighty wind, did the Holy Spirit come with Blowing. Like on Mt. Sinai when the trump of G-d was sounded, so the Holy Spirit came down with a blowing.

Thus Believers now have "The Holy Spirit - G-d," living inside us, because He came down!

6. Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement - Because of the Messiah's Atonement, mankind could now make Repentance (Teshuvah); Returning to G-d.

Thus, Believers now have
At-one-ment, true Peace & Rest with G-d!

7. Sukkot - Tabernacles - So He could Tabernacle; Dwell with mankind.

Thus Yeshua Messiah came to earth to dwell with us, and now in us, by the power of The Holy Spirit. He, Messiah will never leave us, nor forsake us!

8. Hoshana Rabbah - Then mankind would have Great Rejoicing because of Him.

Thus because of the finished work of Messiah Yeshua, Believers can fully Boldly Rejoice in there G-d!

9. The 8th Day - Shemini Atzeret - And He would give them Blessed Rest! Now yes, and in the Olam Haba; the World to Come. Because the work of Messiah is "Finished," we have Shalom - Peace, Complete Wholeness with G-d. We Believers in Messiah await the Promised World to Come, in which dwells righteousness.

Thus the 8th day Sabbath - Shemini Atzeret is a higher thing then the Earthly Rest of the 7th Day. One is not in opposition to the other, but together we have the FULLNESS of the SABBATH REST! Yeshua Messiah rose on the first day of the week, the 8th day, making this day, a venerated day for Believers around the World. Our King has favored us with His presence, on this Sabbath Rest!

10. Rejoicing in the Law - Simchat Torah - And all who receive Him have Joy with the Living Torah, now and forever more.

Thus one day very soon, we will Behold His Face - His Glory, making our
JOY truly perfect!!!

Every Festival is about The Messiah!

"Therefore when Yeshua had received the sour wine, He said,
"It is finished!" And He bowed His head and gave up His spirit."

--John 19:30

These Festival's teach us about the whole plan of G-d!

"The Feasts of the L-RD" are a powerful witness to all who have to see.

"So, let no man therefore judge you in food, or in drink, or in respect of a Holy Day (A Festival), or of the New Moon, or of the Sabbath days: Which are a Shadow of things to come; but the 'Body' (Substance) is of Messiah." Colossians 2:16-17

The first century Believers understood this, they kept the Festival's. We also should understand and do the Feasts of the L-RD so we can see Messiah better!

So rejoice in "the Feasts of the L-RD," for they are truly a Portrait of The Messiah. In them, we SEE the things which were and which are, and that are still yet to come. I have been asked, "Can the Believer really SEE The Messiah more clearly by doing the Festival's?" My answer is a SHOUT out...

Yes they can!

All Believers should be
"Celebrating" the Feasts of the L-RD,
because they are -
"HIS Festivals!"

Let us Pray for the True Shalom (Peace- Wholeness) of Jerusalem,
Messiah Yeshua to come and save His people Israel!

May the L-RD bless His people Israel, and all who hear and do His Word, Amen.

Blessings to all in the Holy Name of Messiah Yeshua,
Rev. Barbara Di Gilio <><
Mayim Hayim Ministries

All Rights Reserved 1997

This teaching may not be copied or reprinted for commercial gain or profit. Permission will be granted upon written request from the publisher for that purpose. You can freely use this for any other purpose, other than commercial gain or profit. All this is for the GLORY of G-d!

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