The Experience Of The Throne Room

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My Story - Stranger than fiction? Not at all!
Until now, I have related my experience inside the Throne Room of God to only a select few, but I knew by the Spirit of God that I was to eventually share it with a much wider audience. Before beginning, let me assure you that I am not a person given to tall tales. God knows what I am about to share with you is the truth.

From 1986 to 1994 I attended the Sweetwater Church Of The Valley in Phoenix, Arizona. Carla Bruce, a lady who took care of the pastor's books, organized a "Writers' Group," and in May of 1991 we began meeting in the home of my late friend, Johnell Yurka. At one of the meetings, Carla gave a homework assignment that I knew would be a problem for me. After praying first, we were to write nonstop for five minutes whatever flowed out of our spirit man. We would share what we had written at our next meeting. Well -- I have never liked homework assignments, but this one was especially troubling. Because I am dyslexic and a poor speller, writing is more difficult for me. I was very upset and felt I could not complete the assignment.

God Sits At My Kitchen Table
The next morning, I poured out my frustration to the Lord while having fellowship with the Him at my small kitchen table. I heard myself saying: "I cannot do this, Lord. I stumble because of my spelling." I always give time for the Lord to speak to me, and actually journalized His responses to me for the first seven years of my life as a Believer in Messiah. As I listened that morning, I heard Him speak clearly into my spirit:
"Thy tongue is the pen of a ready writer." I knew these words were from the Scriptures. I ran for my Strong's Concordance and looked up the word "tongue" and found the verse in Psalms 45:1. Another Scripture flew through my mind: "The Lord GOD has given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary: He wakens morning by morning, He wakens mine ear to hear as the learned." I looked again and found that verse in Isaiah 50:4. I questioned: "What does it mean to me, Lord?" His answer was immediate and very clear: "Use your mouth to write with, my child." I responded: "How do I do it, Lord?" He said, "With your tape recorder." Immediately, I SAW in my spirit mind exactly what I was to do.

What Do I Write Lord?
My next question was: "Lord, what shall I write about?" He responded: "Pray for a while in the Spirit and I will show you." As the Lord had instructed, I began to worship and pray in the Holy Spirit (my prayer language). When I felt prompted in my spirit to cease praying, God spoke these words: "Barbara, write about the Throne Room in Heaven." I spoke back in my spirit again. "I would, Lord, but I do not know much about it." He responded: "I'll show you the Throne Room in Heaven. Just write what you see, feel, and what you hear as we go. Let your lips write it with child-like faith."

After setting my kitchen timer for five minutes, I sat down at my small table, closed my eyes and was immediately caught up in the Spirit. I heard a door open, and as I walked through the door I started to SEE things very clearly. I was now inside a very large room with a warm gentle Light. It was the largest room I had ever been in, there was a fragrance that filled the air, it was familiar to me, it was the fragrance of fruit trees. The rest of the account you can hear on "The Throne Room" tape.

If you have not listened to it yet, please go back and do so first.
(I will put the text of The Throne Room on-line this fall.)

There is much that I saw and heard in Heaven that is not included on the tape. I may share some of those things with you in the future. Certain other things that I saw and heard were just simply taken from me. I could feel them slip away as I opened my eyes. But just as is written in the New Covenant:
"Eye has not seen, nor has the ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love Him. But God HAS REVEALED them unto US by His Spirit: for the Spirit searches ALL THINGS, yes, even the deep things (the mysteries) of God"(I Corinthians 2:9). Similarly, Isaiah the Prophet wrote: "Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has SEEN any God besides YOU, who acts on behalf of those who wait for Him" (Isaiah 64:4).

Therefore, I tell you what I have heard, seen, and touched through the Holy Spirit concerning the Throne Room in Heaven. I witness this to you today as truth!

Now for the rest of the story

No Heavenly Music On My Tape
I heard the timer when it went off, but I continued speaking. I was somewhere outside time and space in what I knew was a holy place. When I opened my eyes I found I was still sitting at my kitchen table. I looked at the clock on my stove and saw that only 11 minutes had passed. In a strange way, it seemed as if it had been hours. I thanked the Lord for what He had shown me, and then played back what I had written with my mouth. I cried! On the tape was just the sound of my voice, with all the feelings and emotions I had felt in this "Place" - somewhere outside of time and space.

While listening to the tape, I could still hear the heavenly sounds in my head and did not notice the absence of music. I knew something special had happened to me, but I was not sure what. That may sound strange to you, but I was part of the New Age Movement for approximately three years in the late 70's, and I knew I needed to test the Spirit behind this happening. I wanted to make sure this was a God thing, and I tested the Spirit by asking questions of the Lord.

Shaul (Paul) speaks of a man he knew who was caught up into the third Heaven, really Paradise. Here is his account of this man who some say, is Rabbi Shaul. I'm not sure it is Shaul:

II Corinthians 12:1-4
"Boasting is necessary, though it is not profitable; but I will go on to visions and revelations of the Lord. I know a man in Messiah who fourteen years ago, whether in the body I do not know, or out of the body I do not know, God knows--such a man was caught up to the third Heaven. And I know how such a man, whether in the body or apart from the body I do not know, but God knows, was caught up into Paradise and heard incredible inexpressible words, which a man is not permitted to speak."

My first thought was: "This is of God," but then I remembered seeing things that are not possible here on earth. Things like a wonderful very large house far off to my left, with a grass lawn, flowers and a two-tiered water fountain overflowing itself, just hanging in mid-air! "How can this be," I asked the Lord. He responded gently: "My Child, I uphold all things by the Word of my power." Again I knew these words were part of Scripture. When I searched, I found them in the letter to the Hebrews 1:3:

"Messiah (Yeshua), being the brightness of His Glory, and the express image of His Person, and upholding 'ALL THINGS by the WORD of His POWER,' when He had by Himself purged our sins (yours and mine), sat down on the right hand (the place of power) of the Majesty on High." AGI

Immediately, I thought of the solar system and how it remains in its place perfectly because God spoke it into being. I knew what I had seen was not a problem for Him, and felt foolish for having doubted. The God of the Universe can do exceedingly far above what we can ever imagine or comprehend. A house suspended in mid-air is but a small thing for Him. I went to sleep that night with tremendous joy in my heart!

Heavenly Music A Gift From God
The next day was Thursday, the day I always went to the "Upper Room" at Sweetwater Church. It was the best ladies Bible Study in Phoenix. When I got home, I heard the Spirit of God say to me: "Go to Berean Christian Bookstore, I have something for you there." I thought perhaps there was a book the Lord wanted me to have.
[God has given me a wonderful library, with many expensive books for next to nothing. My library includes a new set of Encyclopaedia Judaica, which was given to me.] Immediately after lunch, I went to what was then Berean's used book section, but did not find what the Lord had for me. I begin to wander through the music department, and that's when my eyes fell on a small brown barrel of audiotapes. Some of the tapes were demos that were now for sale. There were also some new, unopened tapes. As I was looking through the tapes, I came across a sealed tape entitled "SHA LA VAH - Windswept Melodies" by Cindy Reynolds Wyatt. Inside my spirit I heard: "This is it, Barbara, buy it." I purchased the tape for just $1.99. When I got home, it was time to start making dinner, so I put the unopened tape on a shelf in my kitchen.

The next morning I listened to the tape. Though it was a lovely harp instrumental, I said to the Lord: "I need something more lively this morning, Lord." Immediately, the Lord spoke in my spirit: "Barbara, put the words to the Throne Room to this music." I responded: "How do I do that, Lord?" Immediately, I SAW IT, in a SCENE in my head. I got my boom box back out, put a blank tape on one side and the music tape on the other side. I took what I had written down on paper, picked up the microphone, pressed the on button and began speaking to the music. When I was done, I listened to the tape and knew immediately this was the music I had heard in Heaven. How was that possible? I said to the Lord: "This is crazy, Lord!" I wept for a long time as I listened to the tape again and again. It was the music of Heaven. I asked the Lord: "Now Lord, what do I do?"

Finding Cindy Reynolds Wyatt
I knew I must try to get in touch with Cindy Reynolds Wyatt, so I contacted the record company that published the tape. Benson Records did not know Cindy's phone number, but the lady I was speaking to gave me the Musician Union's phone number, saying they might know how to reach her. Before calling I prayed: "Lord, please let them know Cindy's phone number, please Lord, please." I took a deep breath picked up the phone again and made my call. A young girl with a thick Tennessee accent answered the phone: "Musician Union, how can I help you?" I told her what I wanted and as quick as a flash she gave me Cindy's phone number. I knew this was of God, and I was standing in awe of Him. My spirit was soaring and I was filled with tremendous joy!

I prayed again: "Oh Lord, let her be home," as I pushed the buttons. The phone rang about four or five times and a woman answered: I said: "Hello, my name is Barbara Di Gilio, and I'm looking for Cindy Reynolds Wyatt. I was given this phone number by the Musician Union, do I have the right number?" She responded, "Yes I am she. How can I help you?"

I asked if she had a few minutes to talk to me about her tape, "SHA LA VAH - Windswept Melodies" and what had happened to me. She said she had some time, so I told her the whole story. We talked approximately 40 minutes and Cindy agreed to listen to my tape if I would send it to her. I immediately sent her a copy.

Weeks went by and I did not hear from Cindy. About three months later, I received a letter from her asking me to call her. When I called, Cindy said she liked the tape very much, but Benson Records now owned the copyright to the music. She also told me of "an experience with the Lord in the recording studio" during the making of the tape. She said: "Barbara, His Presence filled the room, and all I could do was cry." She said that it took her many takes to get the music right because of this experience.

My Goal For The Tape
I told Cindy I wanted to give the tape without charge to anyone who was sick or dying, really anyone who needed a hope of Heaven. She said I would need to contact Benson Records if I planned to sell the tape, but I could give it away as long as I placed "DEMO - not for sale" on the tape. I agreed and assured her it was not my intention to sell it.

I used Cindy's first two songs in making my tape, and for some unknown reason had not even looked at their titles. Perhaps God was keeping that information from me so it would be yet another confirmation that this was from Him. Nevertheless, I did not know the titles of the songs. When Cindy mentioned to me in one of our phone conversations that the song titles were
"Last Light" and "Morning," I began to weep. When Cindy asked me why I was crying, I told her that I knew God had given her the melodies from Heaven. I said the "Last Light" and the "Morning" are both the Messiah Himself. When we close our eyes in this world, we open them in His Heaven, His Place, if we are His children. It is our first Morning of eternity with Him, in His Holy Realm! Now Cindy began to cry.

He has gone to prepare a place for us, so that we may be with Him when we leave this present world. Oh how sweet this was to me and to the many dying who have heard this demo tape. My friends, this is not our final destination. No, we as Believers in Messiah have a better place to go. A
Place" above (Mawkome - Strong's #4725, is a Hebrew idiom for God and Jerusalem in the Bible), where the streets are really paved with gold. I've seen them and its true they are really gold. You know, I asked God why He used gold; wasn't it a little showy of Him to do this? He laughed and told me "no," there was nothing purer for His saints to walk on than gold. That made good sense to me, because pure gold is very soft and flexible.

Anyway, that is the story of my experience of going into the Throne Room and the Heavens. I know some of you will say, Barbara, its all in your mind; but believe me, I was there!!!

This tape has blessed many people and has a special anointing on it. Through it, many have come to faith and others have been healed by the Anointing (the Messiah). I have seen many frightened sick, dying people find great peace by knowing that God is waiting for them as they enter Heaven's Morning.

My hope and my prayer is that you too will be healed. If you know a sick or dying person, you might ask them to listen to the tape. You will hear Cindy's music again someday when you enter Heaven's gate. Then you will hear
"Last Light and Morning" in the purity and fullness of the glory of Heaven, with the Messiah present at your side.

Rev. Barbara A. Di Gilio
A 1992 copyright on the words only, but not the music.

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