Now a quick lesson in Gematria


These are the two methods that I use most of the times do Gematria. Although there are some others methods, I do not use them.

1. Absolute Value
2. Ordinal or Positional Value

1. Absolute Value consist of the 22 Hebrew Letters.

To each, in succession, is assigned a value.

Aleph=1, Bet=2, Gimmel=3, Dalet=4, Hey=5, Vav=6, Zayin=7, Chet=8, Tet=9, Yod=10, now to the power of ten, Kaf=20, Lamed=30, Mem=40, Nun=50, Samech=60, Ayin=70, Pey=80, Tsade=90, Qof=100, and now to the power of 100, Resh=200, Shin=300, Tav=400.

2. Ordinal or Positional Value consist of there standing in the Hebrew AlephBet

The Ordinal, or Positional value, gives each letter a number, from 1 to 22.

Aleph=1, Bet=2, Gimmel=3, Dalet=4, Hey=5, Vav=6, Zayin=7, Chet=8, Tet=9, Yod=10, Kaf=11, Lamed=12, Mem=13, Nun=14, Samech=15, Ayin=16, Pey=17, Tsade=18, Qof=19, Resh=20, Shin=21, Tav=22.

If you use the Ordinal Value to get
"Yeshua's" Name (Yod=10, Shin=21, Vav=6, Ayin=16), it totals 53. Now the Ordinal Value of the Hebrew word "Torah" (Tav=22, Vav=6, Resh=20, Hey=5), also totals 53. Chance? No not at all, just one more "signpost" for us to see.

This is more proof to me that "Yeshua," which = 53 and "Torah," which = 53 is one in the same! Again letting us know truth was spoke by John in his book.

John 1:1
"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with G-d, and the Word was G-d."

"Yeshua is the Living Torah."

And if that's not enough for you, take a word picture of the word "TORAH."

The first letter is a Tav, which is a picture of a Cross, meaning: a Sign, Seal or Covenant.

The second letter Vav, a picture of
a Nail, meaning: to secure.

The third letter Resh, a picture of
a man's head, meaning: a Person, the Highest.

The last and fourth letter is a Hey,
a picture of a Lattice or Window, meaning: that which lets you see or reveals something to you.

So what is does TORAH really reveal to us in Word Pictures?

"See the man nailed to Cross, which is a sign and seal of the Covenant"

I rest my case!

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