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Hebrew Idioms

There are many Hebrew idioms in the Bible and if we knew them all, the likelihood of knowing God's Word would be much better for us. Learning the lingo of the Hebrew Scriptures has help me tremendously in my studies of the Word of God. The study of the "Hebrew idioms" I believe can help anyone who loves God's Word get to know it better. That is why I started my own list of Hebrew idioms back in 1990. However, I've never finished or published my idiom list. At first it was just for my own use, and then to share with my church home group. I only had 42 Hebrew idioms on my list. In truth I had given up on writing anymore of them down. I've learned at age 58, you just can do it all yourself, even though you'd like too.

Now about three weeks ago, I was surfing the Net on a Sunday afternoon and found a site where many Hebrew Idioms are listed. What a gold mine I thought to myself! Now looking back at my list and seeing his list, I knew I needed to put this list up on our teaching web site so you can have it for your stuy time. Now it will be your RX 5 for this MHM Update.

Oh by the way, I did find one Hebrew idiom that he did not have listed on his site, and I've listed it her for you on this page.


Rev. Barbara Di Gilio




Song of Songs 1:15

doves' eyes

pure - pure one

RX 5 - The Hebrew Idiom List

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