Names and Their Messages

Little did I realize, when I first read God's Word, just how important all the names given were to become to me. But, one day the Lord spoke to my spirit and said that He had great importance and revelation from those listed in Holy Scripture. Yes, the stories and lessons of their lives were significant. But, also the names by which they were called had tremendous meanings, which I needed to understand for my own life's application. Once I started this research, I began to understand a greater depth of my own spiritual calling and placement in God's family and timetable.

Please keep in mind that each Hebrew name has more then one meaning, so the first thing we did was make a list of theses names. We coined any list of names, "The Bank of Names"! Now when you pick from "The Bank of Names" to make a sentence (a pronouncement), you may sometimes use two meanings of one name, this is entirely kosher. This would be like using Hebrew parallelism. However in the two examples below we did not need to employ any parallelism to make our a pronouncement. When you put the names into a sentence (a pronouncement), you would use small words to help with the understanding, like any translator would do. Then you would end up with something like these below. It is almost like working out a spirit led crossword puzzle, and when you hit on the right names, it will yield a wonderful message with great insights. Insights pointing always to Messiah, the "One" who comes in "Volume of the Book" Psalm 40:7-8.

The Twelve Tribes Of Israel Birth Order

Reuben - Behold a son (Look on me)
Simeon - Hear Him (Hear me)
Levi - Be Joined (With me)
Judah - Give Him Praise (Now will I praise the Lord - Praise)
Dan - Judge
Naphtali - Strife
Gad - Fortune
Asher - Happy and Blessed
Issachar - He Brings Reward
Zebulun - Dwelling With Us
Joseph - He Shall Add
Benjamin - The Son of My Right Hand

Now, let us put it together like the translator's did with the King James Bible!

"Behold, a Son! Hear him and be joined! Give him praise. Judge his strife, and his fortune. Happy and blessed am I, for he brings reward. Dwelling with us, he shall add, for he is the Son of My right hand." (emphasis mine)

What does this message shout out to you? To me it's loud and clear: "Yeshua the Messiah - the Good News of the Gospel!"

Now let's look at the message to the 144,000 in Revelation, Chapter 7.
Here we have again the Children of Israel; but, not in birth order. Notice, also, that Dan is replaced by Manasseh.

List Of 144,000 In Revelation

Judah - Praise - Give Him Praise
Reuben - Look at the Son (Behold a Son)
Gad - Fortune
Asher - Happiness (Happy and Blessed)
Naphtali - In Your Struggle
Manasseh - He will cause you to forget
Simeon - Hear Him (Hear Me)
Levi - He who becomes joined; attached (Be Joined)
Issachar - He Will Bring Reward
Zebulun - Dwelling With Us
Joseph - May God Add To (He shall add)
Benjamin - Son of My Right Hand

Now, let's make the application:

"Praise and look at the Son. Fortune and happiness are his. In your struggle Israel, He will cause you to forget, and hear him. He who becomes attached; joined to him, he will bring reward. Dwelling with us, may God add to the Son My right hand." (emphasis mine)

Could this be a message to the 144,000 virgins, who are redeemed as being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb? I don't know for sure, but there is something being implied, I believe. One thing I do know is that God's Word is unique and that He has purpose in every
"jot and . . . tittle" (Matthew 5:18).

So, What Do You Think?

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