Dear Mommy,

There are so many things
that I could have done.
I was looking forward to living with you,
I thought it might be fun.
I wanted to be your daughter,
I wanted to be your child.
Instead, you had an abortion;
you were running wild.
I had such great potential.
Who knows what I could be?
But, now that you have ended my life,
we will never see.
I could have been a genius
and gotten awesome grades.
I could have been the one
who discovered a cure for AIDS.
I could have been a teacher
and taught young kids to read.
But, instead you have denied me
of my basic need.
They say that I was not alive;
that I was a part of you.
But, mommy, I was a human being,
and I deserved rights too.
I deserve a chance to live;
a chance to grow up strong.
And killing me, out of your selfishness
was extremely wrong.
So here I am in Heaven, sitting on Jesus' knee.
I have finally found someone
who really cares for me.
I anxiously await the day,
when your face I'll see.
Mommy, I still love you,
even if you don't want me.
Your Baby Girl

Poem By Julie Johnston - Age 16
Copyright 2000

Julie Johnston recently won a writing contest put on by "Guideposts For Teens" and won $5,000.00. Her article was published in the April/May 2000 issue of Guidepost For Teens.

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