A Poem By ZAP - Age 10

In English "Casa Grande" means:
"Big House"

The Casa Grande Ruins stand so great and tall,
no one really know why its there at all.
The one thing that we know is the Hohokom built it there,
nobody knows why they went or where!

The animals and plants that live all around,
are very bountiful - wherever they are found.
I'll never forget about this beautiful place,
an area of wonder - and plentiful grace.

By ZAP - 2000

Ask your parents to take you there, it is really a neat place to see. The whole state of Arizona is full of wonderful things to see, and explore.

Here's a link to the GRAND CANYON Explorer!

When you get there, just click on the
"Gray Bar" and random pictures of the Grand Canyon will come up. God has some really pretty places in my state to visit. Come and see Arizona. :-)

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