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Mayim Hayim Ministries has many many links on this page, but we in no way make any claims that we agree with the Theology of all these links. You need to be a Believer which searches the Scriptures daily. Be like the noble Berean's who received the WORD with all readiness of mind, and searched the Scriptures daily, whether those things were so, Acts 17:11. Our Links are not in any "Alphabetical" order, and if you find a link that does not work, please post our Tech Support to fix or remove it.
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Messianic links galore!!!

You will find these links to be very
informative if you like to study...

Jews, Gentiles and the Church.
Messianic Gentile In A Jewish Congregation
Isaiah 53 - How do the Rabbis Interpret This?
Why Messianic Jews?
What IS Messianic Judaism?
Messianic Movement & Messianic Judaism..What is it?
Israel and the Church: the Differences

Below are some very interesting
sites for you to visit...

Messianic Home Magazine Online
Orthodox Brit Chadasha Online
Glossary of Jewish Terminology
Glossary of Jewish and Christian Terminology
Torah-Observant Messianics
  Sacrifices in the Law of Moses
Blood Atonement
Almah - (Virgin)
Jewish Signs, Symbols and Their Meaning
What is TORAH?
Torah Torah Torah
The Temple - Its Ministry and Services
  Of Whom Do the Prophets Speak?
The Biblical Kashruit Laws
Getting Ready for the Wedding
The Jewish Wedding and the Bride of the Christ
Are the Ten Tribes Really Lost?
Why Did Paul Go to the Jew First?

Hebrew Calendar

Questions? Questions? Questions?

In What Language Was the New Covenant Written?
How Could Yeshua Have Eaten the Passover Meal
BEFORE the Passover Lamb was Sacrificed in the Temple?
How Can You Believe in Jesus and Still Be Jewish?

What both Jew and Gentile should
find very very interested...

Strongs Exhaustive Concordance Online
The Sacred Calendar of the God of Israel
The Feast Days of the God of Israel
Anti-Judaism and the Council of Nicea
Christian Anti-Semitism
Anti-Semitism of the Church Fathers
Calendar of Jewish Persecution
Isaiah's Sundial and Joshua's Long Day

Love the Jewish People
Jewish Holidays From 1995 to 2002
Jewish Background of Christian Baptism
The Spirit of the Law
Where Did Bar and Bat Mitzvah Come From?
Just What IS the Rapture?

Check out the links below...
Messianic HomeSchooling  
The HomeSchooling Messenger

If you know about the Talmud,
this is informative...

An Introduction to the Talmud
  When Talmud is Right

The Jewishness of the New Testament

 The following links pertain to Yeshua haMoshiach
 Who is the Messiah?
   The Life of Yeshua the Messiah
  The Mystery of the Messiah
Messiah Revealed
 Is Yeshua....God?
The Law of the Fringe
Facts About the Crucifixion of Yeshua From a Medical Standpoint
What Do the Scriptures Teach About the Messiah?
 Messiah in the Torah
Yeshua in the Tenach
   Two Messiahs?
 Can One Lord Fulfill Two Functions?
  What Day of the Week was Yeshua Crucified?
 Prophecies Fulfilled by Yeshua

What the Rabbis Believe About the Messiah
 How to Point to Moshiach From Your Rabbi's Bible
Here's an interesting site...

Shlomo Neumann's Little Book
of Jewish Wisdom For Jews?

To chat or correspond with other Believers in Messiah, visit these sites below...

Messianic Living Message and Discussion Board
Zola Levitt Chat
Christian Chat



Holocaust Resources for School Teachers

Holocaust Survivor's Web Site
Holocaust Claims Processing Office
The Holocaust Center
Cybrary of the Holocaust
The History Place-Holocaust TimeTable

Check out these sites if you
are interested in Genealogy

Sephardic Genealogy Sources
Jewish Genealogy
Ellis Island American Immigrant Wall of Honor

Please visit these online

Come To Zion
Mayim Hayim Ministries
Jewish Jewels
Sid Roth's Messianic Vision
Embrace Israel Ministries
Young Messianic Jewish Alliance
Menorah Ministries
Zola Levitt Presents
Messianic Jewish Movement International
Messianic Jewish Alliance of America
Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations
International Messianic Jewish Alliance
Tents of Mercy Textiles-
An Enterprise of Israeli Messianic Believers

First Fruits of Zion
Chosen People Ministries
 Apple Of His Eye Ministry
Messianic Messages - A Light for the Gentiles
Bridges for Peace
YESHUA Connection
Word of Messiah
Dr. Randy Weiss and Cross Talk
Christian Friends of Israel
Christians For Israel
Howard Morgan Ministries


Have your rights as a Believer
in Yeshua Messiah been violated?

If so, please contact the "ACLJ"
they will help you... 

For Messianic/Judaic items of interests
check these great sites out...

JEWISH SOURCE...For Everything Jewish
AHAVA Dead Sea Beauty Products
CANAAN-Gifts and Presents from the Holy Land
Here good sites if you are interested
in Bible Prophecy...

Grant R. Jeffrey Ministries
Prophecy In The News
Perry Stone's Voice of Evangelism

Below are some good
links straighting out
the teaching on

the Tri-Unity of God...

 Jewishness and the Trinity
Is the Messiah Divine?

The Trinity Is Jewish
Traditional View of the Trinity

Interested in learning Hebrew?
 Check these links out...
Hooked on Hebrew
Hebrew Aleph-Bet
Hebrew Flash Cards
Hebrew World
Easy Hebrew Correspondence Course
Hebrew College Online Courses
Hebrew Alphabet Letter Chart and Books of the Bible

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International Messianic Directory
Messianic Congregations in the US

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