Messiahís Portrait
By David Michael

Aleph is the gentle ox
for work and sacrifice;
Beth is the House of God
to which we turn our eyes.

Gimel is the burdened one
who carries our griefs away;
Daleth is the open door-
the Lordís flock need not stray.

Hey is the open window
through which God's world we see;
Vav is that hook or nail
which holds so faithfully.
Zayin is Godís mighty sword
that makes and keeps us free;
it is His everlasting Word
which endures eternally.
Cheth is our strong defense,
security it will give;
Teth is the suspended one
to which we look and live.
Yod is Godís gentle hand
which guides us from the start;
Kaph is Messiahís wings
which hold us near His heart.
Lamed is that special goad
which teaches us his ways;
Mem is the life-producing water
that satisfies always.
Nun is a fish, the sign
that shows who lives again;
Samech is the loving support of
mankindís truest friend.
Ayin is Messiahís eyes
which knew uncounted tears;
Pey is the mouth of the Lord
which speaks calm to our fears.
Tzaddi, a trusty fishhook
to draw His people out;
Qof, the circle that gives the ax
the necessary clout.
Resh is the chief among
ten thousand, higher than
kings of the Earth;
rejected in His generation
but possessing eternal worth.
Shin, those perfect fleece-like
teeth convey what
firmness is; and

Tav, the mark of the Covenant,
the Lord knows who are His.

There is a priceless treasure
in the
Hebrew Alphabet-
and through itís very simple,
many have not found it yet.

Aleph down to Tav
it is a portrait that we find;
Messiahís introduction, which
God alone designed.

These twenty-two simple letters,
which children recite and sing,
reveals Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah,
Israelís glorious King.

Yeshua Messiah is the
Aleph and the Tav,
the First and the Last,
the A through Z
of God's plan of Redemption!

Mayim's Endnote