My Hawaiian Vacation

My all -time favorite place I’ve been,
Was to Hawaii with the rest of my kin.
When I went to the beach I had to decide,
Should I play in the sand, or the oncoming tide.

When I played in the tide I had lots of fun,
When I played in the sand I got beat by the sun.
I loved Hawaii down to the very last drop,
With fruit juice, bananas, and pineapple crops.

I went to two islands, one big and one small.
If it weren’t for volcano’s they wouldn’t be there at all.
One thing I liked was the surfers I saw,
Some of them said, "Hang loose! Y’all".

Now every time I see something with Hawaii in it,
It always makes me want to have a big fit.
For Hawaii is an addiction for me and for all,
I want to go back next spring, summer, or fall.

ZAP 2/8/2001 <><

ZAP jumping of the cliff, boy was it fun...

What pretty fish God made...

I had lots of fun with my family...I love Hawaii.

Mahalo is Hawaiian for "Thank you"

Mayim's Endnote