I am nothing on my own,
So I fall on my knees before the Throne,
To give praise to God for His mercy and grace.
I am nothing on my own.
So I fall on my knees before His face
And beg for His forgiving grace.
I am nothing alone and I cannot stand,
So I fall on my knees and thank Him
For His great sacrifice and take Yeshua’ hand.
I was nothing alone,
But now I can stand before the Throne,
As I took Yeshua’ hand and by Him
I am now a child of the King through His sacrifice.
We are nothing alone and cannot stand,
If His Salvation we let pass by.
I accepted His gift of Salvation
And now I am never alone, so
When I am afraid I go to the Throne,
There to find grace, mercy, and forgiveness,
Strength and protection and I am never alone.
Don’t be nothing alone just go to the Throne,
Find mercy and forgiveness and become a child
The King and you too can
“Do all things through Messiah” and never be alone.

BEA ENLUND May 3, 2001