Pathway To Pain

I am asked this question about healing quit often, "I have faith, why am I not healed?" Or this one, "I have prayed to be healed, and I believe that I am healed because God's Word tells me I am. However, my body has not responded to my faith or God's Word which I quote over myself. Does that mean something is wrong with my faith, in what I believe?"

These questions
are hard questions in light of minister's who teach that "God healed them all!" I believe in God's healing, because He has healed me of many things, many times, yet He has left me with a limp like Jacob of old.

What is the answer? I think part of the answer can be found in this poem that was sent to me some time ago. Yes, I do believe God heals! Yes, I do believe we should pray and believe Him for it, because it is in His Word. However, God knows our end, and if He lets us past from this world, it must then be in His timing or it would not happen. Ponder this poem and if you know someone who is hurting, and asking these kinds of questions, do them a favor, pass this page on to them.

Pathway To Pain

If my days were untroubled
and my heart always light,
would I seek that fair land
where there is no night?

If I never grew weary
with the weight of my load,
would I search for Gods peace
at the end of the road?

If I never knew sickness
and never felt pain,
would I search for a hand
to help and sustain?

If I walked without sorrow
and lived without loss,
would my soul seek solace
at the foot of the Cross?

If all I desired
was mine day by day,
would I kneel before God
and earnestly pray?

If God sent no winter
to freeze me with fear,
would I yearn for the
warmth of Spring every year?

I ask myself these
and the answer is plain,
if my life were pleasure
and I never knew pain

I'd seek God less often
and need Him much less,
for God is sought more often
in times of distress.

And no one knows God
or sees Him as plain
as those who have met Him on the
"Pathway of Pain."

~~Author Unknown~~

Mayim's Endnote