Thorns and Thrones

I'd rather gather roses without thorns, Lord,
A bright and fragrant, beautiful bouquet.
To decorate my world with pretty pleasures
The brambles and the briers, I'll throw away.

But You say I must pluck the thorns as well, Lord,
Though they'll pierce my heart and sting my soul;
You say that pain's a part of peace,
You tell me, that breaking is a part of being whole.

You say that if I truly want to know You,
I must count everything but Christ a loss;
You ask me to exchange my will for Yours, Lord,
To trade contentment's kingdom for a cross.

And so I come before You, weak but willing;
I seek to walk Your path, and not my own;
I choose to share the crown of thorns You wore, Lord,
Until I kneel before Your royal throne.
-by B.J.Hoff

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