The Shemology of the Ten Patriarchs
in Genesis Chapter Five

Turn with me please to Genesis, chapter five. I want to look at the Gospel that can be found there. Oh but you say, "Where is the Gospel in Genesis five, all I see are a list of names in the generations of Adam to Noah?"

Wee you are seeing well my friend, however hidden in plain sight in these ten generations from Adam to Noah, we will see one of the most wonderful awesome pictures God painted for us of His great grace. His redemptive plan is laid out as a witness for the world to see thru these ten generations and names. These ten names of the patriarchs make a great Shemology sentence. They spell out for us the Good News of Yeshua the Messiah in the Hebrew Scriptures. Ten being the number of "witness" in the Scriptures, paints a witness for us of God "descending to die for fall mankind..." - lets look at it.

Hebrew names sometimes have two meaning, this is because of the Hebrew three letter root of the Word. We will look at what I call our "Bank of Names" for Genesis chapter five and see what each of the ten names mean.

Shemology' Bank of Names and there meaning for Genesis Chapter Five

Names Meaning
1. Adam Man - mankind
2. Seth appointed
3. Enosh mortal
4. Kenan - Chenan sorrow
5. Mahalalel the Blessed God
6. Jared - Yared shall come down - descends
7. Enoch teaching or dedicating, (commencement)
8. Methuselah his death shall bring
9. Lamech the despairing
10. Noah rest or comfort

Let us make a Shemology application now with these names, just like any translator would do with the Scriptures. We will do two of them:

1) "Man (is) appointed mortal sorrow; (but) the Blessed God shall come down, teaching (or) dedicating, His death shall bring the despairing rest."

Or we can read it this way:

2) "Mankind (is) appointed mortal sorrow; (but) the Blessed God descends teaching, dedicating His death shall bring the despairing comfort."

Remembering that the number five is the number of "grace" in the Scriptures, Mahalalel (the blessed God) is the fifth name in chapter five, and from it, we can clearly see God's grace flowing out from this chapter. Five is the Hebrew letter hey , and it stands for:
"to behold" i.e., revelation in its most ancient form. It also expresses; "thought, speech and action on behalf of the Divine. We can indeed see this in this Shemology sentence as well.

This revelation came by way of a rabbi in the late eighteen hundreds. His name I do not know, however, bible teacher Chuck Missler picked up on it many years later and put it into a few of his books. It was this that started me on the road with God looking for sentences in the Biblical names. It is only thru God's leading, that I look for "Shemology" sentences in His Scriptures.

[Shemology is a word first coined by Mayim Hayim Ministries in 1994. The word "Shem" is the Hebrew word for "name" and "ology" is a suffix, which means a science or branch of learning. The root word, "-logy," comes from the Greek word -- Logos -- which means an oral or written expression, doctrine, theory or science of a certain thing. In this respect, Shemology is the in-depth study of Biblical names based upon their root meanings. Sometimes these names when listed in the Word of God make a sentence giving us deeper understand of the mind and heart of God.]

If anyone out there in cyberspace knows what this rabbi of blessed memory name is who put this together, I would love to add his name into this short article. We feel we need to give credit where it's due for God's glory.


Rev. Barbara Di Gilio <><