Shemology of Daniel

By G. A. Simpkins

Here is a shemology using all of the names in the first chapter of Daniel only one time, including names of cities and nations, in the order that they are first introduced in scripture.

The Names

Jehoiakim - Vengeance of God, avenging, establishing

Judah Praise the LORD, Praise of Yah

Nebuchadnezzar Tears and groans of judgement

Babylon Confusion

Jerusalem City of Peace

Shinar In the watch of him who sleeps

Ashpenaz Spreading as a fire

Israel Prevails with God

Chaldeans Devils, robbers, and thieves

Daniel My judge is EL, My judge is God

Hananiah Grace and mercy, the gift of Yahveh (LORD)

Mishael Who is asked of God or loaned to God

Azariah He that hears Yahveh (LORD)

Belteshazzar Who lays up treasures in secret

Shadrach Tender

Meshach That draws with force

Abednego Servant of light, shining

Melzar Severing a bond

Cyrus Misery, as an heir (of God)


The translation of the names in a Shemology:

"The vengeance of God, praise the LORD, came with tears and groans of judgement, and confusion to the city of peace. Coming as in the watch of him who sleeps and spreading as a fire that prevails with God, who sent devils and thieves. My judge is God! Grace and mercy, the gift of the LORD is granted to who is asked for and to who is loaned to God. He who hears God is who lays up treasures in secret. Tender, yet one that draws with force, a servant of light, severing a bond of misery as an heir of God."

This Shemology encapsulates the judgement and captivity of Judah, while revealing that God will grant mercy, enlightenment, and eventual release through His servants and prophets.

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