Sukkot 99

Torah Study Chavurah (Fellowship) of Phoenix, AZ - held their first Sukkot Festival on the eve of Simchat Torah (Rejoicing in the Torah). It was a wonderful time of festive foods and fun for young and old alike. The women of this Chavurah really out did themselves, doing just about everything with great joy. Many of them spent many hours hand painting panels for our many Sukkot's that the men put up. The panel above greeted the people coming into the Festival grounds.

The highlight of our evening was a concert by our special Sukkot guest, world-renowned singer and recording star Jonathan Settel. Because Sukkot is the "Festival of the Nations", Jonathan sang for the glory of God in Hebrew, Spanish and English. Bringing much joy to everyone who was there. This Festival is also called "The Season of our Joy" and indeed it was that!

Jonathan Settel warming up for the evening.

Here are some of the Sukkah's that were set up...

The Temple Sukkah

Bethany for this night, was our Sari. She stayed in this Booth answering as many questions as she could on the subject of the Temple and the wonderful Harps. Todah rabbah, thank you very much for all your delightful insights.

This Sukkah was for King David, and a very Royal looking Sukkah, it was!

We had plenty of Palms for the roofs of our Sukkah's...

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