Army Of Anonymous Ones


The celebrity ministries are over, a thing of the past. It will continue to a degree, but I AM doing a new thing in the earth. I AM sending forth an army of anonymous ones, an army steeped in anonymity. They are the hidden ones that will be brought forth in the earth to accomplish My plans, go into enemy territory, and plunder the enemy (go into this fallen world and capture hearts for My kingdom).

I do not want the world to know their names; I want the world to know My Name. I want this to be a people who spring up out of nowhere and disappear before the enemies very eyes!

He is not to know who is coming against him, where they are coming from, or where they are going to.
It is the secret things that win wars, the unknown strategies that confound the enemy. The enemy will be confused, terrorized, confounded, and dismayed at these "unknown ones".

He does not know where they will spring forth from at any time. That is the army I Am raising up. And it is a people who delight, take pleasure in, and (even) revel in being out of the limelight, being "the unknown ones". But, they are KNOWN to their God, they are KNOWN to ME, and that is sufficient; for it rocks their world, and that is all that matters to ME, and that is all that matters to them.

The greatest battles are to be fought and won behind the scenes by "the unknown ones".

This word was given by the Holy Spirit to Deborah Morse