Israel is my beloved child whom I nurtured. I have kept her and brought her back. She has been my estranged, the prodigal. Now the church plays the part of the son who stayed at home. Even if I had only lost one of the 100, I should go to seek the lost one. I would never allow it to be eaten by ravening wolves. Who is the church, the other sheep in the flock or the ravening wolves? Great will be her fall if the church does not stand behind and bless Israel. Do you not believe when I say, 'those who bless her, I will bless, and those who curse Israel, I will also curse'? To steal what is not hers to possess, the church becomes Esau and not Jacob. Israel is my heir. They have prayed and interceded for nations and peoples of the world for generations; yet you do not as a church intercede for her? You say she is illegitimate, that her people do not matter. Those who are my chosen, Israel, may say the same about you; but I have grafted you in through the Branch, my Son. I trim the branches as need be. You take too much upon yourselves. Do not presume to be God. Are not my promises irrevocable to you? Would I be a God of trustworthy nature had I killed my people Israel in the wilderness or allowed leaders and governments to slay them to the extermination of the people. There was a remnant in the affliction. Could you fare as well under 2000 years of persecution and pressure?

I will apply my chastening to you until you relent, for you become my enemy if you hate and persecute my chosen. I do not choose and must reject those who reject their brothers. I redeemed Joseph in the midst of his rejection and made him ruler over all, including those who had reviled him and sold him into slavery seeking to take his life. Now you do the same to your half brothers and sisters in Israel. I tell you that I can bring you out of the world with them as I did Israel, or I can curse you as I did Egypt. You must choose where you are to reside. Even in the wilderness, those in rebellion sought to return to Egypt to slavery. I offer freedom and royal brotherhood. You must drop your hatred, resentment, and prejudices. You have been wrongly taught. Seek me, or you will lose your perspective. Israel is the catching point for the church. The scriptures say many will fall away. This is a sign. I am in the camp of Israel, and you have walked away. In doing so, you have left me.

I dwell with my people, my chosen. You may return and be brothers, also my chosen. Or you may return to Egypt. In Egypt there were many plagues until my people came out. Beware of the judgment you bring upon yourselves. This is as important an issue as your salvation. How can you accept Jesus as the Branch and reject Israel, his people and heritage? Survey the battle plan of the enemy. Where are you in his plans? Be careful where you stand. The ground must be holy, or it will be shaken. I am here to shake what is not on a solid foundation. Consider my Son, Yeshua (Jesus) - Who was He? Who did He come for and what did He preach? You judge your brothers in Israel wrongly in your ignorance. Beware!"

The Prophetic Word Of The Holy Spirit: David Trowell 6/7/1999

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