Dear Sweet Lord - Ani Baruch HaShem

Dear Sweet Yeshua, I bless Your Name, You are the Lover of my soul!

I felt that I would write You a love letter today, just to let You know I love You so very much.

Lord God, with all of my heart, my mind, and my soul and strength, I tell You I love You! And I love You more today than yesterday, but not as much as I will tomorrow!!! Of that fact I am 100% sure!

You are so beautiful Lord...all I want to do is kiss You with my kisses. I thank you Lord God for everything that You have been doing in me, and for me. I thank You for what You will be doing in the future for me and my family before You do it! You are just very Special to me Lord, You are my All In All Lord God. There is none like You!!!

I worship You! I have allot of love for You, but I still want more...and more and more. Fill me full of You Lord God. Holy Spirit teach me how to love You the way You desire. I think of you all the time Lord, and I "want" for nothing in my life, but You! You come first over everything else! I delight in the things of God more then anything else in this world, truly I do. You are so sweet to me, sweeter then any honey I've ever tasted.

Thank you so much for your beautiful LOVE Lord. I really do love feeling Your Presence in my home, and in me today Lord rising like a river, ready to overflow onto everything I say and do. The holy angels know You well because You made them to service You this way. Like them I also want to know Your every desire, I want service You and cry out Holy, Holy, Holy along with them today!

When You died on the Cross for me Lord, it was because You LOVED me so very much, but how can one thank You enough for that act of mercy on my behalf? But I do thank You for Your LOVE and mercy to me. I know You really do care a great deal for me Lord, and I know that by all the little things You do just for me... They are signposts in my life showing me You care a great deal for me. You can make me cry for joy thinking about Your LOVE towards me.

You saved me and set me free! Oh how I love You for that Lord. My words will never ever be able to express my heart to You, but I'm trying Lord, I'm trying. I know You will give me and "A" for my effort..., Your so good to me that way. Let me sing to You Lord the song of the Soul. And may the Holy One of Israel be exalted and blessed forever and ever. To which I say amen and amen!!! May my obedience be to God's calling on my life. Baruch HaShem!

But before I go Lord God, please let nothing ever come in between us! God, I mean NOTHING, not even my foolishness. In the past the enemy of my soul has tried to part us, but Your words of LOVE will never let that happen to me. I am so grateful for Your Holy Scripture that assure me of that solid fact in my life: "You will never leave me nor forsake me." (Hebrews 13:5). You are mine and I am Yours forever, and nothing can stop that.

Oh Lord how I love You! I cannot stop saying I love You Lord because if I do Lord, I'd die not to let You know my heart's cry. I love You, and I know You love me too, and that fact just makes my day brighter then sunlight coming through my window right now. May we walk hand in hand today Lord, and wherever You lead me, I will surely follow You, skipping and leaping like little lamb who follows the voice of her Shepherd. Baruch HaShem!

Love Always and Forever,
Your Beloved Daughter

Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is ONE LORD: and you shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might. These words, which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart. --Deuteronomy 6:4-6

A Hebrew Lesson:

Baruch means: Bless
Ha means: The
Shem means: Name!

Let your mouth utter this blessing to the Lord!

Ani Baruch HaShem meaning: I Bless The Name!

B"H is an abbreviation for Baruch HaShem or as some say:
Blessed be God.

It is also considered to be an abbreviation for:
BeEzrat Hashem, meaning: "With the Help of the Name"
(or With the Help of God).

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