This Is A New Day

Yea, for many of you today, this shall be a new day, saith the Lord.
Many of you shall leave this place refreshed in your spirit,
Refreshed in your soul, and refreshed in your body.
For I am doing a quick work ó a quickening work.
I am doing a work of healing in this place.
Itís not the same old thing, itís a new thing, saith the Lord.
My power is great! Itís always been great!
But I am doing a new thing today.
I am doing a different kind of healing in you.
I am doing a healing that will last.
I am doing a healing in you and you will be refreshed
From this day forth, saith the Lord.
Yea, you are a people dear unto Me.
You are a people that I have called and set apart.
Oh, I come to you today to show you My love.
I have shown you My power. I have shown you My healing.
Yes, itís true, My mercies are new every morning.
My compassion will never fail you.
My word shall be fulfilled in you.
Believe My word this day, My children.
You shall go from this place refreshed. I say it again.
You shall go from this place restored and renewed.
Believe in your heart that what I am saying is true, saith the Lord.
For it shall be to you as you believe,
And as you allow Me to release in you My power.

Holy Spirit Prophecy
© Sweetwater Church of the Valley

The Late Pastor Glen Foster
of the old Sweetwater Church of the Valley - Phoenix, AZ

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