Your Children Will Come In

Your children shall come from afar.
Your sons and your daughters, the offspring of your body,
Shall come near unto God.
I have scattered them to the ends of the earth;
But I know where each and every one is,
And I am calling them by name.
I am saying, "Let the sons and the daughters of
The household take upon themselves their gear
That they took when they went away
And let them come and return to the house of God."
Let the parents whose children have fled from Bethel,
Let them come and re-anoint the rocks that Jacob anointed
When the ladder from heaven was seen resting upon earth.
Come, bring fresh oil and re-anoint the rocks, the Promises,
The Pledges I made with your Fathers,
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
Concerning your seed forever.
Come and re-anoint these great stones.
For the day has come when the Lord your God
Will do a thing,not because you ask Him,
But because He said He would do it.
He will bring them in not because you are rich,
But because He is rich in Mercy towards you.
Oh household of faith, rise up this day
And re-anoint the stones of faith,
And there shall be a great turning to
The Lord by your children,
Says your God.

Holy Spirit Prophecy
© Sweetwater Church of the Valley

The Late Pastor Glen Foster
of the old Sweetwater Church of the Valley - Phoenix, AZ

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