A Heart of Worship

By Gloria Shepherd

I say to you this night, that many of you, have forgotten your first love. You have allowed the world to distract you, to take your hearts and your worship away from Me. I long to be with you in the heart of worship, and to draw into that place where we are one. I want to fill your places with the perfume of My presence as you come into this place again.

I cry unto you, my beloved children, for I want you to come to Me, I long to be with you, and have your heart fully given over to Me in worship and prayer.

You allowed the "things" of this world to draw you away from My presence, and I am calling to you once again to come into the place we once shared together. I am wooing you back to the place of worship with Me.

Some of you have felt that you have strayed to far from Me, and cannot into the place we once shared. You feel you are not clean and worthy of the place we once had together. I say to each one of you who have felt like you have strayed too far, I will wash away all the the dirt that you has clung to you in your time away, and I will make you clean and pure, and give you a new heart if you will come and ask Me to cleanse you. It doesn't matter how far away you have strayed from Me, how deep in the mud pit of life you have allowed yourself to go, I still love you. I love you with all My heart, and I want you to come to Me, and ask Me to cleanse your heart, so you can enter into My presence once more.

With others of you, you have allowed the distractions of life and family to draw you away from My heart. T.V., radio, and all the things that have slowly taken over our time together. Soon, your heart became cold and you became distant from Me. Before you knew it - your heart had grown so cold, and it became harder and harder to try to get back to that place we used to be. I say to you this night, to press in, and ask Me to bring you to the place we once shared. Repent before Me of all that you have allowed to stand in My place up to this time, and I will bring you into the place we once shared.

I love you and want you to come back to Me. Remember your first love once again. I miss the time we used to spend together. Come into Me this night, and let Me bring you into My presence once again.

I am such a jealous God... I just don't want you a few days a week, but I want you every day of the week. I desire your heart fully surrendered to Me every day of every week, all the year round.

So many of My children, have allowed their jobs, their marriages, their family, their boyfriends, their time with their friends to draw a wedge between Me and you. So many of you have allowed idols to be resurrected between Me and you, and have allowed them to have pre-eminance over our time together. I call them idols because you have allowed them to be more desired than Me.

But I say to you to day, if you will come to Me with a repenting heart, and ask Me to cleanse you then I will wash you of all the filth of Babylon, and you shall be made clean once again.

Run to Me, my beloved, for I long to hear your Songs of Worship and Praise once again, and have our hearts knit together again, as it once was.

And God said: Let your meditation be in My Word!

O God draw me, and hear my heart...

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart,
be acceptable in Your sight, O LORD, my rock and my Redeemer...
The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in Him,
and I am helped. Therefore my heart greatly
rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise Him.

Psalms 19:14;28:7

Mayim's Endnote