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Gloria Shepherd is a lady who went to Bible College with her husband, who was an evangelist, as well as pastor teacher. She was the "pastors wife," but because her husband took the office of a pastor, she did not take her given title of "Reverend GloriaShepherd ." She did not feel the necessary to do so at that time. She lives near New York City, and goes to Times Square Church. Its her home church in the when she in the City.

Gloria has known the Lord since she was just a little girl. Her hearts' cry was to please God, and to serve Him and know His clear voice. She was "Born Again" doing the "Jesus Movement" in the late Sixties.

She finally got to know the person of the Holy Spirit in 1991, when she cried out to the Father for help. In her own word's: "I wanted to help people, but could not. I did not know Him, nor did I know the Holy Spirit. The year 1991 was my turning point. Then the Lord began to teach me to hear His clear voice, and to follow hard after Him. I learned everything from Him. I even learned about the person of the Holy Spirit, from the Holy Spirit Himself. The training I had was as some have called it, ‘the School of the Holy Spirit.’"

In 1993, the Lord called Gloria and commissioning her like the prophet’s of old. He showed her what would happen if she did not speak out for Him. She use to stutter and didn't want to speak out. She told the Lord how she felt, "If you want me to speak Lord, you have to unloose my tongue," He did just that for her, about 6 months later. She has not stopped speaking His words since then.

In 1996, Gloria’s husband went to be with the Lord, that is when she came in the fullness of what the Father had for her in this world. The Shekinah glory cloud was in her living room for 7 months during those months of her mourning. As I see it, she is really is called as a prophetic seer, and has been taken into the Heavenly a few times. Gloria, like myself, loves to dwell in the Heavenly Throne Room with the Father. In the year 2000, the Lord took her into different places throughout the USA to pray over the waters, the land, and then certain cities. Gloria has a great love for the City of Jerusalem, and has prayed at one of the gates of the Holy City. She walks in "Faith," and miracles of healing follow her ministry.

We pray you will be blessed by the words given to her, now shared with the Body of Messiah around the world. Shalom, Barbara <><

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