Let Me Breathe on you...
As I cradle you in My arms


Calm in Yeshua's Embrace



My precious children, I have seen into your hearts this night. I have seen that in spite of all of the trials and suffering that have affected each one of you (in many different ways), you have been able to arise above these problems, to worship Me and show Me how much you love Me.

Let Me return your love with Mine. Come, and climb up into My lap and lay your head against My chest and listen to My heart beat. Let it calm your mind, and chase away all the things that have been burdening you down for this past month or two.

Let Me breathe on you as I cradle you in My arms. Let it restore you in power and in strength as you breathe it into yourself. All I ask of you is for you to spend more time with Me so I can minister to you on that intimate level as between Father and child. I am the One who created you and knows every cry of your heart and every hair on your head.

Let Me in to touch you in the inner most parts of your soul, and share with you My love and wisdom, that will kiss away all of the hurts you have been carrying deep within you, My child.

Thus saith your Loving Abba, come.



Rev. Marilyn Horowitz