Look Up And See!

As we look up to the heavens let us see what the LORD has made. What has He put in the heavens? He shows us that He has put the stars, the clouds, the birds, and all that the human eye can see. But most of all He is there all the time. We can look up, praise Him and ask what we want, and know that He always answers us even if we don't want to hear or know.

BUT when we see a cloud in the sky we think, He does not hear or see us. So how much time do we spend with the LORD? We need to spend time in His Presence, so He can see and hear us, and give us His answer.

We have become so earthly good and not heavenly good. The Word of GOD says to give praise to Him in all things. But most of the time we are just to busy with too many other things of this world.

When I look up at the sky, I marvel at the eagle that spread his wings, catches the breezes, and flies so high above, and we don't give the LORD praise even for this.

ost of us think that, we can do everything for our own self. I say LOOK UP and SEE what our LORD HAS DONE FOR YOU TO DAY!!!


Rev. Gary Mendelsohn - January 2007

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