My Heart To Him
By Nancy Goward - A Psalmist - March 22, 2003 ©

Picture is from the:
As I Have Loved You Collection
by Jean Keaton

Oh how You love me Lord! Your thoughts are always toward me. I am on Your mind and in Your heart ALL the time! Your thoughts of me are more in number than the grains of sand, I worship You!!!

(He speaks to me): "I love you dear one, you are My Treasure. My heart's delight, you bring joy to Me. Worship Me dear one. Worship Me! I inhabit your praises...I call you into My behold My Face. I love you, I love You, I love You! Come to Me, come after Me, I adore you! I will hold you and cover you with My wings, and sing My song of rejoicing over you. I am calling you...come! Your Shepherd yearns for you...that is why you yearn for Me. My heart is calling out to you, come My love!"

(I respond back): Oh Lord, my God, Your love is astounding! More than I could ever fathom. How You could love me so...My heart rejoices and leaps within me. I long for You. My only desire is for You, to know You more intimately than I could ever imagine. To know that You desire that relationship with me overwhelms me with joy...You call me into Your Holy Presence, You wash me clean. Your grace allows me to enter in. I enter in Your secret place and I am speechless! I can't contain myself...My soul screams out GLORY!!! - How marvelous is Your Name!!! Almighty One! Lover of my soul! I was created to love You...even before TIME began. You fill my heart with Your pleasure. Lord, I simply love You...You are my True Love...the greatest Love I've ever known. You overwhelm me...and I love it! I love loving You!!! You also are my Treasure, My Darling.

Lord, You are the only ONE who gives my life worth. My All In All, my Prince of Peace. My Strength when I am weak, my Joy when I am sad, my Father, my Daddy, my King, my LORD (Lord), and the Lover of my soul!!! The ONE who has rescued me! My Redeemer, my Restorer, my Deliverer and my Rewarder!

May my lips always speak of Your awesome LOVE! May my heart always sing of Your awesome LOVE!!! You are always with me...You go before me, behind me, beside me and ahead of me, You COVER me! And when I go to sleep, You sing Your love song over me. Your sweet lullaby, just for me! When I awake, You are there...excitedly waiting for me to say, "Good morning I love You! Thank You for Your mercies that are new every morning...Your faithfulness is from everlasting to everlasting. Your grace is sufficient for me. I have yet another day to love on You and humbly walk before You." Oh yes, my soul cries out for You, for Your Righteousness! Your Holiness! Your Goodness, for YOU!!! I love You. Oh how I love You, my heart's sweet and only desire! Yes, I delight myself in You!
Thank You for delighting in me Lord!!! Selah!

You delight in ME, what a Treasure You are...Mummmmmmmm!


O Lord! I worship You!
Bowing down before Your throne
Oh! The joy I feel inside!
Knowing that I am Your own!

O Lord! I worship You!
Coming to Your throne of grace
Oh! The joy of being here!
You and me! In Your secret place!

O my Lord! I worship You!
I'm overcome with love for You!
Oh! The joy of knowing You!
Hand in hand with Love so true!!

O my Lord! I worship You!
Standing here in awe of You!
My heart filled up with joyous praise!
This love song Lord, to You I raise!

O Lord! I worship You!
You are my King! My Everything!!
To You! This praise I bring!
To You! I gladly sing!...

His Song In My Heart
Received Wed April 28, and Thurs April 29, 2004
By Nancy Goward- HISong Music
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Copyright © 2004

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