as given by the Holy Spirit to Rev. Marilyn Horowitz - January 2007

A Love Song Between Lovers

Holy One of Israel, how I praise Your name! You are my everything, I can do nothing without You. It is only in You that I find myself complete.

Your joy fills my being and I cannot help praising You and loving You. Let my feet fly across the floor praising and dancing freely as the eagle flies in the heavenlies.

How can I keep silent, when I look around at all You have created? I love You. You alone satisfy all the longings of my heart.

(The Lord then replied back to me.) "I hear you Child, as you cry out to me. Look, here in the palm of My hand. There you are. Though the storms may rage round about you, you are safe in the shelter of my hands. Fear not."

(I continued) Words fall short to tell You how I love You. How can I describe the brilliance of the stars, the beauty of a rose, or the majesty of the mountains when it is You that I see in the midst of Your creation! It is all You!!!

All I see is Your love in Your nail scarred hands and feet, and Your pierced brow. What love!! Your love and obedience was so great when You said, "Not my will be done but Yours Abba!"

I fall on my knees and cry, "Let my prayer to be like You be fulfilled to some small degree, Lord." As I follow after You, help me to surrender all the cares of this world at the foot of Your cross and walk after You willingly.

Counselor, Mighty God, Prince of Peace, Kinsman Redeemer, Lion of Judah, I praise You, exalt Your name on high!
You are the Vine, I am but a branch drawing my sustenance from You.

You are the Firm Foundation Stone; the Cleft in the Rock where I can run and hide in a time of trouble.

As You led Moses and Your children out of bondage, so You lead me step by step out of all of mine. All the while You feed me, clothe me, and give me a safe place to rest my head.

All You require of me is love and obedience. How can I not give You the desire of Your heart?

Come Holy Spirit, fall on me and help me and enable me to strive to give back to Adonai, in some small measure the love He has shown to me.

Hear my heart's cry to please You, Abba. Forgive the transgressions and sins that I have committed against You. Wash me in the Holy blood of the Lamb, Yeshua. I lay on Your altar and say, come Lord Yeshua, have Your way; cleanse me and make me whole so I can once again mount up on eagle's wings and soar with You in the Heavenlies.

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