The One Who Sets Me Free

By Nancy Goward - A Psalmist- June 16, 2003 ©

Mummm Yeshua! At the thought of You, my heart SINGS! What a difference You have made in my life. An immeasurable difference!!!

My Liberator, the One who sets me free!!! You, You, how I love You Lord. My Friend forever. As I have been thinking and talking about how You have set me free and totally changed my whole way of thinking, it's by Your LOVE!!! Your truth You have given to soul is flooded with gratitude and I fall deeper in love with You!!! All my life, I based my worth on how people thought, what they felt and or said about me. If I could just please them, and make them like me, then I felt special, and had worth. And haven't we all done that? What bondage Lord to actually "allow" someone else to define us, who we are, and base our worth on they're opinion!!! So if people liked me, then I was OK, if not, I was a failure and misfit. And to live a life like that, in constant "rejection/acceptance, syndrome" was actually SUCKING the LIFE out of me. What worth do I have if no one understands or accepts me? What a lie of the enemy, the devil! Oh but You Lord, that's not what You say...that is not Your plan. I am NOT defined by anyone else's opinion, good or bad. Who defines me is You and You ALONE!!!

And what is this that You say?

I am Your beloved child...I am worth Your life...coming down from Glory and dying for me and raising again to call me to Yourself intimately!!! You call me the apple of Your eye. Your passionate obsession...You call me "accepted in the beloved" ~ I run to You, and You receive me and heal the rejection of a lifetime!!!

You heal the wounds I have gathered down through the years!!!

What love!!!

You call me overcomer... Victorious - The head and not the tail...!!!

You call me to win, You call me Your own, and I call me, LIBERATED!!! Set FREE by Almighty GOD, who is the LOVER of my soul...The Keeper and Sustainer of my LIFE!

(I'm shouting): GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yes, "You shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free." And I am a testimony of that TRUTH Lord!!! Oh yes Lord, let others see in me a love worth living and dying for!!! Let them see in me, what love, Your love can do...You are able to do FAR and ABOVE anything I could ever ask or imagine. And You call me higher!!! Call me far beyond my wildest dream...You call my heart to come and be ALL You can see!

THIS is my destiny...You are my Destiny!

Who defines who I am, it's YOU! ONLY YOU! ~ Oh, the JOY of knowing who, and Whose I am! My dear sweet loving Liberator...I love You. How much I love could I ever thank You enough!

(My Prayer of Praise):
May I worship YOU all the days of my life, both here, now on earth, and throughout all of Eternity with You.
I love You!!! Yeshua, I adore You, and I also thank You...I thank You, thank You, thank You! I'm Yours, all Yours!!! And yes, I do love You Lord!!!

(His response): "All My love to you!!!"

My Heart To Him
On June 16, 2003 ©



Here I am Lord to worship You!
Bowing before You loving You true!
Here I am Lord loving You!
Here I am Lord to worship You!


What more can I say to You Lord!
Other than I am in love with You!
What more can I say to You Lord!
I love You!

For You are my heart's sweet love song!
A song I sing all night and all the day long!
Here I am Lord! Loving You!


You are my heart's one desire!
For You my heart burns like fire!
Here I am Lord! Loving You!

Here I am once again!
With joy in my heart to call You Friend!
Here I am Lord! Loving You!

Here I am Lord! Here I am Lord! Here I am Lord!
Loving You!

His Song In My Heart
Received Tuesday January 20, 2004
By Nancy Goward- HISong Music
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Copyright © 2004

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