Praise To The Glorious One Above!

We praise you most glorious LORD, the One whom many Names belong to. You and you alone are worthy of our praise and adoration. The one who causes the wind to blow and the breezes to whisper. You who controls and orchestrates the universes rotation with just a single word. You are El Shaddi, Adonai Tzavot, and Elyon. You are the Ancient One who has always been, and the One who will Forever Be! - Glory and Praise belong to You!!!

Worship and praise the God of your Fathers. Give Him the praise and adoration belonging only to Him. He is the one who created your existence. He is the One who is forever tending to our needs. Bless His Holy Name! "I AM your God", we hear you say. "Harken to My Voice, submit to My will and I will be the One who lifts you up. I will be the One to exalt you. Man was formed and created in My image, and fashioned for My pleasure.

Turn back to the God of your forefathers and I will show you great things again. The works I will show you will not only be as your people seen before, but even greater things yet will I do. Watch and see the LORD is good, His love for His own endures forever. Call out to Me and see if I will not pour out for you a blessing that not all of earths vessels can contain.

"I Am, and will Forever Be -
The God of Abundance"

Sharon Boaz - Jan 30, 2000 - 11:00 AM

Mayim's Endnote