Mayim Hayim Ministries Confession Of Faith

We believe...
In the verbal inspiration of the original Scriptures and the infallibility of the Word of God
In the Torah as being a work of God's Grace
In the fact there is but One God
In the absolute Oneness (Triunity) of the Eternal Godhead
In the Deity of our Lord, Yeshua the Messiah, (in Greek - Jesus the Christ)
In the reality and personality of the Devil - (HaSatan)
In the natural depravity of the human race
In the substitutionary Atonement
In the propitiation for sin only by the blood of Yeshua the Messiah
In full salvation by Grace through faith and not of works
In divine healing through the Atonement
In the anointing with oil and prayer for the sick
In the personal baptism by immersion at an age of accountability
In the One, (EchaD) Congregation (E'dah), composed of All Blood-washed Believers
In the evangelism of the heathen and the nations of the world
In obedience to those in authority over us in civil government
In divorce only on New Covenant Scriptures
In community government, loyalty, and obedience to those in authority over us in the Lord
In tithing as God's financial plan
In restitution for past wrongs whenever possible
In an open table at the Lord's Supper, and footwashing
In the free moral willpower of man, who can apostatize and backslide
In the maintenance of good works and holy living according to the Bible
In the victorious life over sin, self, and bad habits
In the Finished Work of the Cross of the Messiah
In imputed right standing with God because of the Finished Work of the Cross of the Messiah
In Messianic (Christian) perfection and holiness through your consecration and absolute surrender to God
In Messianic (Christian) modesty in appearance and conduct
In the keeping of the 7th Day Sabbath, which was made for man
In the keeping of the 7th Day Sabbath as a matter of Privilege
In Rejoicing on the 8th day, the day Messiah rose from the dead, as a matter of Privilege
In regard to recreation, liberty of conscience and a godly example to the world
In the immortality and conscious existence of the soul
In the resurrection of our literal bodies
In the literal Heaven and Life everlasting for all Believers who are found to be "in Messiah"
In a final day of judgment for the incorrigible and wicked at the Great White Throne
In the everlasting punishment of the impenitent
In the personal, literal, bodily pre-millennial coming of Messiah for His own
In a future literal thousand-year reign of the Messiah on earth with all of His saints
In the future restoration of the Nation of Israel
In the Nation of Israel belonging to the Jewish people
In Jerusalem the Holy City being Israel's capital, and solely theirs
In the judgment seat of the Messiah where the saints will finally be rewarded for their deeds of commission and omission
In Messianic (Christian) tolerance to all denominations of The Faith, that was first declared
In essentials, Unity
In non-essentials, Liberty
In all things, Love...

Mayim Hayim Ministries believes that living a homosexual life style is
contrary to the whole of Scripture, and is not acceptable to God. It is sin!
However God loves sinners and wants to set them free. The choice is yours.

Here is an eBook that can help you with this subject:

What Does The Bible Say About Homosexuality By Rev Marjorie Kummrow

We are non-denominational

"The Messianics Apostles Creed"

We Believe in God the Father Almighty, the maker of Heaven and earth; and in Yeshua the Messiah His only begotten Son, our Lord and Savior; who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Miriam; suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and was buried; He descended into Hades; on the third day He rose from the dead; He ascended into Heaven, and now sits on the right hand of God the Father; from there He shall come again to judge the living and then the dead. We believe in the Holy Spirit in all His fullness; the holy Universal Church; the communion of the saints; the forgiveness of all sins for those who are found to be in Messiah; the resurrection of the body; and life everlasting.

We Also Believe The Following:

That All Life is fueled by the Living Word of God
That Prayer touches the Heart and Mind of God
That The Holy Spirit reveals the truth through our Prayers
That Good things happen when we Pray
That You can Pray in the Spirit of Truth
That We walk by Faith, and not by our Sight
That Praying in tongues, is praying in the Holy Spirit
That You can Pray in the name of the Resurrected Lamb,
Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ)

That You can also Pray in the name of God - In Truth
That Truth will provide us with the Words of our Prayers
That The Power of Truth heals through Prayer
That The Laying-on-of-Hands is part of Intercessory Prayer
That You can intercede for another through Prayer
That We anoint with oil as part of Intercessory Prayer
That Lives can be changed by the Power of your Prayers

That Prayer can be taught to all Mankind because Yeshua did it
That Prayer places us in Harmony with God's Truth Within Us
That All Prayer must be done in Love and in Truth...

We Also Firmly State:

That The Living Word of God is Truth!
That The Living Word of God is our Healer!
That The Unlimited Power of Truth is found only in God!
That The Scriptures as the Infallible Word of God in there original language!
That The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is for today!
That Utilizing the Gifts of the Holy Spirit is for today!
That Active Prayer through the application of the Holy Spirit works!
That Personal Communion with God is possible today!
That The Prayer of Faith bring Healing!
That Total Freedom comes through Prayer...
And That you can be heal of your Mental - Physical - Spiritual problems because of it!
That through prayer we believe we can move mountains...!!!

Mayim Hayim's Beginnings

The founding of this ministry began in 1989 in my heart when God gave me a vision for living out the true Hebraic Faith as seen in the B'rit Hadassah (The New or Renewed Covenant), and practiced that which Yeshua taught His Talmadim (Disciples) while on earth. In 1992 I started meetings in my home twice a month with 8 like-minded Believers who had a similar vision to study God's Word, and to pray. We believed that each person should be involved in a vibrant, intimate and growing relationship with God (Elohim). Therefore we should not only be committed followers of our Lord Yeshua, but also help others in the Community of Believers to grow in their faith. For us that necessitates that each person be Spirit-filled, i.e., living under the direction and control of the Ruach HaKodesh Elohim (The Holy Spirit of God) and obedient to the Scriptures. Key for us is Roman. 8:4; "So that the requirement of the Law (Torah) might be fulfilled in us, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit." And Gal. 5:22-23 let us know that by "The fruit of the Spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control would be our guide; and there was no Law to hinder us from that." Mayim Hayim Ministry is based and built solely on God's Love He's poured out on us.

Our Teaching Statement 

Mayim Hayim Ministry seeks to educate, and to bring first century light to both, the Jewish person and the non-Jewish person alike. We want to equip all with the richness of the Heritage of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ), which is totally Hebraic.

Mayim Hayim Ministries is committed to helping people learn God's truth so we can live Biblically changed lives. The desire of this web ministry and our home ministry is to create an environment where people are encouraged by what they read and hear. We hold to the following ABC's

· A - Drawing closer - you have our invitation to join us for MHM Beth-Ha-Midrash (Home Bible study and fellowship) to draw closer to your Hebrew Lord.

· B - Gain knowledge - a lifelong process of knowing and experiencing God through the study and devotion to His Word.

· C - To serve - the Believers (Christians) response to obey and partake in God's work.

This is a Barnabas teaching ministry within the larger Church, and it's driven by the following principles:

1. That each person matters to God
2. That worship is active, never passive
3. That Bible study is part of your worship
4. That people grow best in small home group settings
5. That our job is to teach that God wants to strengthen and uphold the family unit
6. That building a sense of community will make your local Body like the first century Church
7. That modeling honesty and integrity matters, especially to our children
8. That teaching is Biblically based in our Hebraic Roots, and not in Hellenism

Mayim Hayim Ministries is a pro-life, pro-family organization. As a Barnabas Ministry we teach God's Love and Grace in a Messianic Way. We are a non-profit organization in Phoenix, Arizona. We need your kind support, thank-you.

Mayim Hayim Ministries
Phoenix, AZ
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