Psalm 119:18

"Unveil my eyes that I may perceive
wonders from Your Torah"

Rabbi Meir said, "Whoever occupies himself with the study of 'Torah' for it's own sake merits many things... to him are revealed the mysteries of 'Torah'..." Avos 6:1

As I reflected on this verse in Psalm 119, I asked G-d for a picture of the depth of His Word. What came to mind was that the Bible is like this iceberg picture.

What we have on the surface, is everything one needs to know G-d the Father; His Son, The Messiah; and the Holy Spirit. It is what is called in Hebrew,
"Peshat" - the plain literal interpretation of the Word of G-d.

However, beneath the water line is a much larger part of the iceberg which cannot be seen unless one goes into the depths of the water looking for it. This we call the
"Sod" in Hebrew, meaning: Secret; Strong's #5475, from a root of #3245, meaning: "foundation, or established bottom." Another word for Secret is "Cathar" Strong's #5641 means: (to hide by covering, to conceal or keep secret).

We are told by the Torah of G-d in Deuteronomy 29:29, that:

secret things belong unto the L-RD our G-d: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the Words of this Torah." -- AGI

We have the wrong idea of the word "secret?"

Yes, G-d's "secret things" are hidden by His placing them just under the surface of the text. In these, the last days, G-d has started uncovering and revealing to all who will venture beneath the surface to look at what awaits them by searching the Word's depth.
Not strange "Doctrine," but wonderful pictures of The Messiah which keeps on confirming His Holy Word.

From Raplael Patai book
"The Messiah Texts" page 63, comes this quote from the Zohar:

"Rabbi Yose entered a cave and found in it a book which was stuck into a cleft in the rock at the far end of a cave. He brought it out, and when he opened it, he saw the shapes of
seventy-two letters which were given to Adam the first man, and through which Adam knew all the wisdom of the Supernal Holy Beings and of all those who [sit] behind the millstones that turn behind the Veil of the Supernal Lights, and [knew] all the things that were to come to pass in the world until the day when a cloud that is on the west side would arise and cast darkness upon the world. Rabbi Yose called Rabbi Y'huda, and they began to study the book. But as soon as they had studied two or three pages of those letters, they found themselves looking at that Supernal Wisdom. When they came to delve into the mysteries of the book, and began to discuss them among themselves, a fiery flame and a gust of wind came and struck their hands, and the book disappeared. Rabbi Yose wept and said: "Perhaps, God forbid, we are guilty of sin, or is it that we are not worthy to know these things?" When they came to Rabbi Shim'on and told him what had happened, he said to them: "Perhaps you were trying to learn about the Messianic end from those letters?" They said to him: "That we do not know, for we have forgotten all of it." Rabbi Shim'on said to them: it is not the will of the Holy One, blessed be He, that too much be revealed to the world. But when the days of the Messiah approach, even the children of the world will be able to discover secrets of wisdom, and to know through them the Ends and the Calculations, and in that time it will be revealed to all..." (Zohar 1:117b-118a)

The word
Supernal would be better translated: "Celestial or Heavenly." Could this be talking about the Codes found in the Hebrew Scriptures? I believe it might very well be! I know G-d is revealing more of Himself then ever before, and that the Messiah is coming very soon. He is using the Codes to stir up the world to the fact that the Bible is a Divine Book, and one that should be trusted.

One might say, "Do we really need what's beneath the surface of the text?" The answer is, not really! However, if you want the "much more" that the Word of G-d speaks about, then take the plunge!

Immerse yourself into the Word of G-d. Descend into the
Shemology, (the study of Bible Names and what they mean), the Bible Numbers, the Number Values (Gematria), the Feasts of the L-RD, and the study of Hebrew Codes, as well as the Hebrew Language. After you do that, try digging into the Greek language. I believe it's important to start with the Hebrew language first, it is the language with words that have a concept to them.

Here is an example:

The Hebrew word for "dog" is "caleb." Now, the same 3 letter Hebrew root also means: "bold hearted," and is not a "dog" just that, bold hearted! The Hebrew concept of language can be seen clearly when you look at the Hebrew roots most of the time.

Whereas, in other languages the words are made by sounds, and by agreement of two or more people agreeing on what that word should be. Now, in Hebrew there was no word for "bottle," so they used what sounded like a person drinking liquid from a bottle for the word "bottle." Bakbook, bakbook, bakbook, bakbook, is the sound of liquid going down the throat of someone drinking from a bottle. Hence, the word "bakbook means: "bottle" in the Hebrew language.

A Key to Unlocking the Hidden!

To unlock the hidden in the Scriptures, you must use a special key, and that key is to look for "The Messiah," and nothing else!!! We have no need to know our future, the plain text of the Bible tells us what the Believers future is, if it's in The Messiah of Israel. To look for the future would be prognosticating, and that goes against what the Word of G-d clearly tells us. Now, in searching the Bible for Codes its all right to look for things "after the fact," like Names, Dates, Events, and Places which can be found encoded in the Bible. There are many new books out right now on the subject of the encoded words hidden in the Bible text. The one we highly recommend is:
"His Name Is Jesus" by Yacov Rambsel, and it can be ordered from Frontier Research Publications.

  • Frontier Research Publications

    I believe the depth of G-d's Word is just like the "much more" spoken of in the Scripture. However, we must always remember, it is The Messiah who comes in the volume of the book, Psalm 40:7-8. If this capsizes your belief in only the plain literal interpretation of the Word of G-d, it maybe time to get wet! Dive in, the water is cool, and very exhilarating! It's really very delightful, and I believe it will be a blessing to you.

    "Unveil my eyes that I may perceive wonders from Your Doctrine"
    "Uncover my eyes that I may discover surprises from Your Torah"

    Pray Psalm 119:18 right now, and believe that G-d will grant you sight. He is Faithful, and wants to give to all freely from His Holy Word! Now, let's read on...

    The Epistle to the Hebrews tell us this:

    "But without
    faith it is impossible to please Him: for he that comes to G-d must Believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him." Heb 11:6 - AGI

    We are to
    seek Him and in turn, He reveals to us more of Himself through His Word. He does this by His Holy Spirit. The study of Torah is the highest form of Worship to the Jewish people. Why? One reason is because the more you study, the more of G-d you see, and come to know. Messiah is Ha Torah, i.e. The Word!!! The "much more" is the part of the "enigma" of the Holy Scriptures. Messiah tells us:

    "If you then, being evil (born of fallen seed Adam), know how to give good gifts to your children, then how
    much more shall your Father which is in Heaven give good things (like the Holy Spirit), to all of them that ask Him? Mat 7:11 - AGI

    You see, G-d does want to give us the "much more" of His Word, He really does! The idiom "much more" is a Hebrew way of showing two extremes,
    one being light, and the other, the heavy. It is called Kal-ve-chomer, and it was a Jewish method of teaching in the first century. Messiah Yeshua made good use of it, as did Saul (Paul). Let us look at the Scripture in the New Covenant that use the phrase "much more" in them. Besides the one I've already used, there are 24 other places we can find "much more" in the New Covenant. (Click the "MUCH MORE" and read how it was used in the New Covenant).

  • Much More
    Just understanding the Jewishness of
    "The Faith" is taking the first plunge below the surface of the Water of the Word. It's a good place to start but don't stop there! Let that be a place by which you dive off from. When your comfortable with diving, then try your hand at diving off a high board, this will make your dive still deeper.

    In August of 1985, I came to know the L-rd Jesus Christ as my Savior, and my Righteousness. I did not choose Him, He called me at age 40, and drew me to Himself, and it was good for 3 1/2 years. Then in 1989, I was hungry for much more of G-d, and that is when I came to know my L-rd Jesus, as my "Hebrew L-rd," Yeshua Messiah, and the richness of the Olive Tree which is Israel. My faith is now,
    "much" richer and deeper. My understanding of the Word of G-d is greater then I ever dreamed it would or could be.

    Do you desire the
    "much more" of G-d's Word, then take the plunge and look at the iceberg (The Word) below the surface. Then let me know what it is you find beneath the iceberg, not strange doctrine please!

    But the wonderful pictures of G-d giving origin to His wonderful Word. May G-d bless you as you venture beneath the surface of the Scriptures.

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