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Bridges For Peace Denver 2000 Conference
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I think one of the things I love the most about a BFP Conference, is being with people from all over the globe. Jews and non- Jews learning from each other. Meeting new friends who are lovers of Israel like you are, as well as being with good friends who came from our own state, Arizona. My thanks goes out to all the many volunteers and to the staff of BFP for all their hard work to make this event a time of refreshing for all of us...

Psalm 133:1 tells us: "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!"

These are 3 of my friends, sisters in the Lord, and supporters of BFP from Arizona praising and worshipping our God. Praising God is such a sweet sound to me, and these gals blessed me so much by their worship...

I led a Chai night for a about a year. Allan & Anita Moorhead agreed for me to join their Phoenix group with my small Glendale group, now we all try to get together and pray for Israel. Thank you Allen for all you do to make Chai night so wonderful, and thank you for all your rich teachings you are share with us. We love you both very much. May God grow Chai night in the years to come...

Allan and Anita Chai night leaders beaming with joy at lunch...

Allen and Anita Moorheads run two BFP Chai nights in Arizona. One in Gilbert, the other in Phoenix. If your in these areas and want to get involved with BFP, email Mayim Hayim Ministries below and we will put you in touch with Allen.

We had such a good time of warm fellowship, I think Heaven will be much like a BFP Conference...

Meeting new friends is truly a blessed event for me. This trip I met some new lovers of Israel.

Michelle Bartlett on the right, a new friend who works for First Fruits Of Zion Ministries in Denver.
I just loved her spirit. Michelle was filled with joy at all that was going on. I am glad we met on this my second trip to Denver. I now have a new sister in the Lord to pray for... (Barbara on left)

Also at long last I got to meet Cheryle Holeman of HaY'Did Learning Center.

I met Cheryle by way of the her Internet web site
:some months ago. She is a delightful lady :-)

Drop in on Cheryle and her husband Tom, paid them a visit at
HaY'Did houses just about all the teachers that speak for BFP.

By the way Cheryle teaching on was great. I went to her teaching class, good stuff,
thanks Cheryle :-) !

A new friend, Pastor Michael Walker from "Church In The City" in Denver. It is a very small WORLD, Michael and I went the same school in Queens New York, but just some years apart.

Michael a teacher of God's word, with his wife Brenda, believes that God has strategically placed them in an area where people from all walks of life can come together to worship. God has created, within their midst, a multi-racial and culturally diverse congregation.

Visit them on the web at:

If you do visit him, tell Michael, Barbara said shalom (hello) :-)

Talking about teachings, Larry Ehrlich BFP National Director is also a wonderful teacher.

Larry's classes are always filled, standing room only, this time as well...

Dr. Marv Wilson was one of the main speaker, and as always he inspired us all. I could listen to him for weeks if he would speak for us that long...

Dr. Jack Hayford
was to be one of the main speakers on Sunday and then again Monday, however his flight was canceled at the last minute. Many were sad but understood that he could not attend the conference. Maybe next time...

Rabbi Feldman from Palm Beach was charming. It was the first time most of us heard him. He told us of his personal odyssey of how he went from Marx to Moses, a very heartwarming odyssey indeed. The tapes of all these sessions can be ordered from BFP.

Dr. Brad Young also spoke at three sessions, he is always filled with great zeal for our Hebrew Roots, and as always I picked up new gems from listening to him.

JoAnn Magnuson
class on "How to be a Blessing to your Jewish Community" was insightful, thanks JoAnn for all the good stuff!

One of the highlights for me was watching Susan Sandager portrayal of Holocaust survivor Corrie Ten Boom. Quoting her sister who die in the death camps: "We must tell people what we know, Corrie, said Betsie." And for the remaining years of Corrie's life, Corrie Ten Boom did just that. Traveling the globe, Corrie spoke to men and women, old and young, rich and poor, and even to her former captors about what she and her sister Betsie learned about Gods love in a Nazi extermination camp - she told them that Jesus can turn loss into glory. And that no pit is so deep that Jesus is not deeper still! This was so moving to me, I could not keep from weeping. Corrie's words for many years now have burned in my spirit,
"there is no pit so deep, that Jesus is not deeper still!" By the way, the movie "The Hiding Place" should be seen by young and old alike, its the story of her life. You can rent this move from most video rental stores. I pray God will open many doors for Susan Sandager to speak as Corrie, and keep on telling Corrie's story.

We must never forget the evils of the Holocaust. Never!

Truly the teaching of all the participants at all the BFP Conferences are always par excellently. Keynote speakers Dr. Marv Wilson, Dr. Stanley Wagner, Rabbi Leonid Feldman, Dr. John Garr, Clarence Wagner, Jr. and Larry Ehrlich are wonderful.

[And I am sorry if you were a participants and I did not mention your name. I do not mean to slight anyone, I did not get to hear all the speakers to name all of you. However, God bless you for sharing with all of us.]

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