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My Story - My History
I have been teaching the Feast's of the L-RD found in Leviticus chapter 23, since late 1989. That is when I first read a book written on the Festival's by a man in Texas by the name Joseph Good. Yes, I know about the heretical beliefs of Joseph Good, and I'm not here to promote Mr. Good or his ministry (Hatikva). However, this is my story of how G-d used Joseph Good in my life to being me knowledge of my Hebrew L-RD. I never have thrown out the "BABY" with its dirty bath water, this book changed my life I'm glad to say, so I do give Joseph Good some credit for that. It not only changed my life, but also the lives of many others I know. We must test all things by the Spirit of the living G-d, and keep that which is good, and purge the rest.

The history goes like this: I was watching Trinity Boardcasting Network (TBN) late one afternoon. Jan Crouch was reading a passage to her husband Paul Crouch (owners of TBN), it was from a book someone had sent Jan in the mail. She said the bother who wrote the book was going to be on the "Praise the L-RD" program that night. My spirit man jumped in side me as she was reading parts of the book. I had just prayed a prayer a few weeks before that when something like this.
"Father, I want to know You in a much deeper way. I know that I can if You help me. I know Your son Jesus came as a Jew under the law, but I know little of who He was as my Jewish Messiah. Teach me Father who He is, let me see my Hebrew L-rd."

Now, my spirit man was stirring within me. This would be the first time Joseph Good was on the "Praise the L-RD" program, so I was glued to the TV set with what he was saying. It was wonderful, truly wonderful. The next day I ordered 8 copies of his book. I did this because something in my spirit man was set on FIRE and I knew this book was of G-d, and would set other people I knew on FIRE as well. I was right, it did just that!

The book was entitled,
"Rosh HaShanah and the Messianic Kingdom to Come." This book opened my eyes to whom Messiah Yeshua (Christ Jesus) was, and is. He is my Hebrew L-rd and Saviour! I've never been the same since that first reading. I praise G-d for His FIRE, because it burns brightly in my heart even now!

Study Messiah the Festival's
I believe everyone needs to study Messiah in the Festival's, thus the question people asked of me so often, "Barbara, when are you going to write more on the Feast's of the L-RD?" I believe there are many good Messianic books out there now covering this subject, there is no need for mine. Unless I hear God say, write one, I will not. This subject to me is like Jewish Roots, class 101. Every pastor and Believer needs it!

Enter Eddie Chumney
Eddie Chumney is a young man who was also moved by Joseph Good's book, so much so he wrote one himself, one with much more detail about each festival. We have asked Eddie if MHM might put up his
"Original Version" of his book on our web site so people around the world can print it out or just study it on-line. He has given us the permission to do so. Our prayer is that if you have not read his "Original Version," you would not only read it, but study it. I do believe it can change your understand of the New Testament Church and all for the better. I know it will change your life for the better once you understand just how Jewish our L-rd really is!

PS--There is an updated version of this book out which can buy.
This is the "Original Version."

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