Hebrew Perspectives
The RX (Prescription) For Today's Christians!

Shalom beloved of God,

I would like to speak to you about our
"Hebrew Perspectives - The RX (Prescription) for today's Christian."

I have been asked so many times, "Does looking at the Scriptures with a Hebrew Perspective really matter?" Beloved of God, red letter YES it does matter!!! Your perspective very important when you are trying to convey a truth or idea to someone, and yout words are all important!

Now in the good old USA, every decade we have new jargon which is getting harder to understand. In a movie entitled "Back to the Future" that was made some years ago, there is a scene where the actor Michael J. Fox is taken back in time to before his Mother and Father were married. He’s in a drug store soda fountain type shop in the early nineteen fifty’s. And it goes something like this: Michael asks the man behind the soda counter for a
"Pepsi Free," which we all know today is a type of diet soda. The man behind the counter replies "they bud, nothing is free in here but water." Then Fox asks for a "Tab" which was also a diet soda, and the man behind the counter answers, "they bud, you don't get a tab until you place an order." So then Fox asks for something without sugar, and the man hands him a cup of black coffee. This was not only a funny scene, but it drives home the point I am making about our perspective on terminology, and how it has changed over just a short period of time. Everything that Fox asked for was accurately conveyed, yet to the man outside his time frame, it was inaccurate, and the man could not receive it as truth.

If I convey information to the hearer which I believe is right, and he or she gets the wrong message, then I have conveyed misinformation. It’s not what I intended to do, but nevertheless, that is what I've done. So perspective and terminology is very important in conveying right information to a person. On this point I pray we can agree.

Now, Yeshua Messiah is our Hebrew Lord, not some Greek thinker as many scholars and pastors characterize Him to be. However in order to fully understand Yeshua's perspective and terminology, you must understand what first century second temple Judaism was like. As we begin this journey for good health scripturally, we must start with a Hebraic perspective in our terminology. The nomenclature of the first century Jewish community has not changed as much you would think, but the language of the rest of the world really has. Why is that? It is because of the richness of the Jewish Tradition (not all traditions are bad ones). They have kept the same vocabulary of certain words since the time of Moses, really as far back as our father Abraham time. It is my desire to give you RX's for helping you correct almost 2000 years of what I'm calling, "myopic neglectful irreverence for our Hebrew Lord, and the Holy Word of the Living God."

I will give a series of Prescriptions to help you see and fix the problem. I pray you will desire to use them once you find them. My prayer for myself and for you beloved is this:

"I will delight myself in your customs: I will not forget your advice. Deal bountifully with your servant, that I may live and keep your advice. Open Thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your Torah." Psalm 119:16-18.

Remember, in Messiah Yeshua there is no condemnation! Therefore I am placing NO blame on anyone for the lack of "Hebraic Perspective" in the Church today, the church was only walking in the light they had. The whole idea of laying blame on someone is at this point in time is useless. However, if one could change a few things about the Word of the Living God as it is published today, I would start with RX__1.

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