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The "Baptism in the Holy Spirit" with the evidence of "Speaking in Tongues" and "Praying in the Spirit," are very hot topics in the Body of Messiah i.e. the Church today. Really, I call these "Hot Trigger Points" for Believers in the Lord. This ministry in the past has made clear our position on the Spiritual (gifts) of the Holy Spirit, of which Speaking in Tongues is one. Our ministry believes God for ALL the Spiritual (gifts). They are for today, and that is our position because it is in the Word of God.

However we know wonderful Believers in the Lord, who do not believe as we do about "Speaking in Tongues" or "Praying in the Spirit"
(a tongue given to a Believer who uses it as a personal prayer language) and that's OK, we love them anyway. We do not all have to think alike on this subject. If your "in Messiah" that is your key to life. We have never thought much of anyone or ministry who makes "Speaking in Tongues" an issue that divides the Body. "Love" is the key we focus on at this ministry because its the best of "all the Spirituals" - and the best of "all the fruits"of the Spirit! We do not believe that a person who does not "Speak in Tongues," whether it be in the Church or as a personal prayer language, is not saved. Nor do we believe or teach we are better then anyone else because we do "Speak in Tongues." (Not referring here to the public manifestation of this Spiritual gift, which enables the person gifted to speak out in the tongue).

1 Corinthians 12:30-31 tells us,
"All do not have gifts of healings, do they? All do not speak with tongues, do they? All do not interpret, do they? But earnestly desire the greater gifts. And I show you a still more excellent way."

Obvious not all in the Body speak in tongues in the Church setting, which would be the public manifestation of this Spiritual (gift). Verse 30 makes that plain to us. However, the Word of God does tell us to desire Spiritual (gifts), and that "Love" is the greater of all the Spiritual (gifts), 1 Corinthians 13. Obvious then, if I speak with the tongues of both men and of angels, but do not have "LOVE," I would only be making noise like a loud clanging banging cymbal.

So what is the key?
I have always believed that if you ask our God in faith for bread, He will give you bread and not a stone, Matthew 7:9-12. The Word of God tells us to ask for wisdom, and to ask in "faith" believing and not waving, James 1:6. And if you ask for wisdom and ask in faith, you shall "receive" from God in due season, if you faint not. The reason for this is quite simple, "God is a Good God!" That's very plain to a simple person like myself. It is Scripture. It's simple, and it does works so ask God for the greater Spirituals in your life.

But you say, "Its not so simple!"
Well, I guess it is not simple for some Believers in Lord. That is why we have put up this web page that will houses articles on these hot topics. You will have to read the articles and then decide if "Tongues" are for you today. As the reporter Shepard Smith from Fox News always says,
"We report it, you decide."

In all fairness every man and woman should be full persuaded in their own mind and heart on the subject of the Spiritual
(gift) of Tongues. We will not mark any of these articles as being pro or con article, you must read each one to find out the theology of each writer for yourself. Some however, you will know right from the start what their position is by who they are. However, like Fox News is also known as the "Fair and Balanced News Report," we also make that claim for this ministry on this hot subject. In the end, its up to you to decide on this subject whether or not you believe "Speaking in Tongues" is for you today.

Please beloved, do not write us with your ugly letters of hate because we will not answer them. None of us in this ministry have time for hate in any fashion or form. And please do remember this of us:
"We at Mayim Hayim Ministries give tolerance to all denominations of the Faith that was first delivered."

In essentials, Unity
In non-essentials, Liberty
In all things, Charity (Love)


Reverend Barbara A. Di Gilio

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Song Lyrics to "Praying In The Spirit"

by Dennis Burnett

Iím praying in the spirit more everyday
Cause I know it affects our lives in a powerful way
Iím giving Holy Spirit full liberty
To make intercession for you and for me

When I pray in the spirit I donít know what I say
But I know Holy Spirit will pray the right way
Heís making intercession for you and for me
To walk in anointing that will set captives free

When your enemies say that youíre defeated, youíre through
And you need to hear the voice of Yahweh speaking to you
By praying in the spirit you let Him make a way
For you to have victory and a reason to say

I donít have to worry, thereís nothing to fear
I know Holy Spirit is nearer than near
For out of my belly I let Living Waters flow
When I pray in the spirit, He takes control

© 1998 Seed Planter Music
Words and Music by Dennis Burnett

Prayer For The Holy Spirit
By Oswald J. Smith

Lord, anoint me with Thy Spirit!
Fill me with Thy power divine;
Take away the love of sinning,
Make, oh, make me wholly Thine!

Lord, anoint me with Thy Spirit,
As I wait and watch and pray;
Grant a Pentecost from Heaven,
Send, oh, send Him, Lord, today!

I am hungry for the fullness,
I am thirsting, Lord, for Thee;
Fill, oh, fill me with Thy Spirit--
Wholly Thine I want to be.

I am praying, waiting, trusting,
For the power of Pentecost;
Lord, anoint me with Thy Spirit--
Send Him now at any cost.

Saviour, cleanse and make me holy,
Burn out every base desire;
Fill, oh, fill me with Thy Spirit--
Lord, anoint and send the fire.

Lo, He comes, the Holy Spirit!
Now with joy my soul is thrilled;
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
All my heart with love is filled!

Worldly things no longer lure me,
I am Thine and Thine alone;
All I have is on the altar,
And my heart is now Thy throne.

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