Pictures of our New Home
- Mayim Hayim Ministries

Hi Mom, this corner lot home has one lovely large Olive Tree in the front right now, and it daily reminds me to pray for the people in Israel. Soon we will plant a another tree where the old was George has just taken out.

George (in the hat) and Hector took out two trees in the front yard this weekend. He also took out two in the back yard as well. This picture shows George grinding out the stumps into saw dust...a lot of work.

This pool is not as big as the one in our other home, but still, it's a good size. I have sure enjoyed swimming in it during this very hot summer...
When it is 112 out, the water gets like hot bathwater, but in Arizona you really need a pool...

Our covered patio with our great new table & chairs set I got for less then half price...God is so good! This winter we will plan on painting the outside, but right now, it is really to hot to be outside!


Now lets go inside the front part of the home...

My laundry room and pantry... I just love it Mom because George made all the cabinets low for me. No more reaching up high to get things I need... The first picture is without the shelve up, and now George has the shelves over the washer and dryer...

The first picture you see is without the colored walls,
and now with the color added. Boy Mom it looks lovely this way...

The new entryway table has Joshua 24:15 carved into it. It's a real gem that God gave me for a song... It was $800.00, and I only paid $349.00 for it. Such a deal!!! It's also stands as my statement of faith to the LORD.

"As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."

The mirror and lamp match, but I got them in different stores, but they were both on sale... The picture you see in the mirror is from the back wall. It's a picture of Yeshua standing at the door and knocking. It was the perfect place to put it, it was a gift given to me.

"Behold, I stand at the door, and knock:
if any man hear My voice, and open the door,
I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with Me."
--Revelation 3:20.

Our kitchen and dinning room is open and airy, I just love it... The sign going into my kitchen on the wall says: "Taste and see the LORD is Good." (Psalms 34:8). The other sign says, "With grateful hearts we give Thee thanks." When I'm done Mom, every room will have Scripture in it... I want the Word of God to have first place in this home, and George agreed. Now that's a miracle.

Dinning Room - Before the paint and after the paint...

Jeff Bratcher did a great job making the this wall look like the one in my picture below.

The Picture is entitled: "Arch with a View" - It turned out awesome, and these pictures do not do the paint job justice, but if you click the link you'll see a better picture of the painting. You would love it Mom, it has bread, wine, fruit, cheese, a green jug with grapes sitting on a window ledge looking out over the Tuscan hills. The picture is a Tuscany classic!

This hand painted side chest I especially liked because it matched everything so well... It was on sale at a fair price at Lamps Plus, this store has very nice things. Again I must say Mom, God has been so good to us, we just can't stop thanking Him for everything...

Look Mom, I now have not one but two windows in my kitchen! I had none at Geardenia Dr., so this makes me feel really happy. ;-)

A very nice sink area with my new country Italian Oak cabinets, a great change from my old dark colored ones... I have my wind chimes on the granite shelve that rises above the sink. This shelve was George's idea, and Klaus made it work well for me. The color of the granite countertops here is called:
Madura Gold. It's lovely with it's deep blood red garnets that are crushed into the golden granite.

Our breakfast nook off the kitchen and living room is delightful. The picture window in the nook faces out to the patio and pool. That thing in the pot to the right on the floor, well that is a "Grape Vine Tree" - Regi, my girlfriend added lights to it ambiance at night, and it really does. It's very nice looking all lit up at night as we watch the big screen TV George picked out.

"I Am the Vine" picture is one of the themes I used in this home...

"I am the Vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him,
he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing."
--John 15:5

God is showing BOTH of us now what it really means to:"Abide in the Him!"

Mom, some of the grapes in the bowl to the left in the above picture comes from my first home in Levitttown, New York. They are 40 years old now, and they look great just sitting there. I had a box full of them in my hall closet I did not know I had kept, but how thankful I am I saved them... they added just the right touch, the touch I was looking for in this room.

George picked out the TV and the Oak Entertainment Center. I think he did a good job! I like it alot, and when he puts the shelve on the top of the TV, and the oak backing on, it will look just like a built-in. He even picked out the Hunter fan above as well...very cool!

By the way Mom, right now I'm listening to the "Italia" music station on the Dish Network TV. We can now hear every kind of music under the sun... We have Swing, Big Bands, Jazz, Soul, Blues, Mood music, Hawaiian music, Christian music, and something called Sounds (like rain falling or birds singing), you name it Mom, we get it all now on TV!

The new "Dreamtime" sofa and chair (not seen in the picture) are really lovely.

This picture is of 4 rooms all before the colored paint and new sofa were added to the rooms...

From the hallway at the back of the home, you can see into all 4 rooms all at once: (you see my living room, dinning room, breakfast nook, and you can see only part of the kitchen). The new place is open and airy, you'll like the peaceful space I have here Mom. This home is 2200 sq. feet, that's 400 sq. feet more space then our other home...4 bedrooms instead of 3. Bigger, but much easier for me to clean.

Now go to page two to see the rest of the inside of our home...The Bed & Bathrooms, and new ministry office. Click anywhere on the grapes...