My Deliverer

Yeshua, Son of David, have mercy on me.
In the late hours when the enemy attacks relentlessly,
You are my only surety.
During the midst of the battle you are there saying,
I am the God of more than enough.
It is I that will bring Deliverance.
In these hours when the time seems so long, you urge me to
Keep praising you, though the relief hasn't come.
You protect me when no one else can.
The swords of Heaven do battle for me because, I am too weak.
Abba Father, hear my cry and deliver me out of the hands of my enemy.
Help me continue, until my time is over.
Give me peace and calm me, until these billows completely subside.

Sharon Boaz
Dec. 8,1999
4.00 a.m.

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