Praise Yah

Blessed are you O' Lord our God, who has given us such boundless mercies. Blessed are you above all, whose name has been known since the beginning of time. You and You alone are worthy of all praise, glory and honor. The ancient one who rides on the clouds, but yet resides in the smallest spaces of ones heart. You are the one who is so ever attentive to our smallest cry, and you alone guard our every movement from conception until we have met you in our new spiritual life. You have ordained our existence and so long to fellowship continuously with the ones you love. There is nothing you would not do for those who fear and revere your name. You gave such a priceless gift and ask for only one small thing in return. That we love you with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength. The price that was paid was the precious Lamb of God.The one who has the power to redeem us back unto you. Unless the blood had been spilled, there was no chance for redemption for us. Yeshua Messiah paid that Supreme Sacrifice and gave all that He had, holding nothing back in reserve. How much more should we be willing to receive the gift of Salvation that cost our Father so much to provide. The gift was for "All" who would receive it. The price that was paid was for you and I.

Sharon Boaz
Jan 4, 2000
12:05 AM

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